12 Exercises For Kids to Grow Healthier and Stronger

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Exercise is not just recommended for adults but for everyone, kids included. A healthy lifestyle is not limited to any particular age group or demographic. Of course, there are some specialized exercise programs targeted at specific people groups such as exercises for curved spine or scoliosis or those who have certain physical limitations but generally, everyone should exercise. No exemptions.

Kids should build the habit of an active lifestyle as young as they are. It is said that if you are to teach children in the way that they’re supposed to go, when they grow they will never depart from it.

Adults should help kids build the right habits for a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few exercises for kids that will help boost their immune systems and strengthen their bodies.

The following are among the exercises that your kids can do at home to improve their immune system and build stronger muscles.

1. Running

Kids are naturally inclined to run around so parents might as well take advantage of that fact. Depending on the intensity of the run, it is a good full-body workout that helps improve stamina and burn calories. The next time you go out for your regular run, bring a child with you and help him or her make a habit out of it.

2. Skipping

This one’s quite simple actually. All you need for this is a skipping rope and a wide enough space to do it in. This helps improve a child’s physical fitness and agility while building up stamina. it’s a great stress reliever and helps improve blood circulation.

3. Cycling

Cycling is one of those exercises that kids won’t feel like they’re exercising so it’s a win-win for both parent and child. Find a suitable location to go biking and make sure your child wears the appropriate safety gear.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are great for toning the arms and back and building chest and shoulder muscles. There are several variations to this exercise depending on which area you’re targeting. But for children, you can have them do a few reps of regular push-ups to strengthen their arms and abdominal area.

5. Planks

When it comes to core exercises, planks are some of the most effective exercises. It engages the core completely, from abs and back to the pelvis and hips. This is especially helpful in correcting poor posture in kids and strengthens the muscles of the lower back to lessen the risks of back injuries.

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6. Stretches

One of the easiest and low-maintenance exercises any kid can do is stretches. Other than improving their flexibility, it also creates postural awareness in children which allows them to correct any bad posture sooner and not suffer from its effects later on in life. Plus, it is also necessary before doing any physical activity.

7. Splits

If you want to take a child’s stretches up a notch, you can teach him or her how to do splits as a form of exercise. Aside from improved lower body flexibility, it’s also a good exercise to open the hip flexors, strengthen muscles, and develop perseverance.

8. Supermans

This is probably the closest any kid can get to become like Superman. Laying on their bellies and lifting their legs and arms off the ground may be pretend-play for them but it already engages their core, neck, hamstrings, and glutes.

9. Forward Lunges

This one-legged bodyweight exercise focuses on improving muscle strength of the ankles, knees, legs, and hips. It enhances one’s balance and core stability. Regularly doing this also makes one more flexible and enhances one’s body symmetry.

10. Bridge Lifts

One effective yet interesting core exercise that also targets the arms are bridge lifts. It stretches the spine, chest, and back giving one enhanced flexibility and improved balance. Adults can also benefit from this because it gives relief from back and knee pains.

11. Squats

Squats are great for managing weight and avoiding obesity so if you know an overweight kid, you can try getting him or her in on this. It has several benefits such as maintaining body weight, burning unnecessary fats, preventing cellulite formation, and improving the circulation of blood.

12. Side Leg Raises

This exercise is a great way of improving the tone and strength of the hips and inner thigh muscles. Although kids aren’t as conscious about that, side leg raises helps them improve their adductor muscles which are important to everyday activities.

Kids should be encouraged to keep an active lifestyle and avoid a sedentary one. Make good use of all their energy and help them establish habits that will keep them healthy and strong in life.

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