How to Take Control of Your Wellness and Beat Stress

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Life is fast-paced in 2021. Your order reaches you in one day and you pay bills in seconds. Uber gets to your door when you have to go somewhere and bring you back right on time. One would think all these facilities would cure fatigue and stress but it’s the other way around.

Stress among adults is becoming more and more common in the U.S. The numbers were raised in 2020 due to the pandemic. Things are better in 2021 in terms of the disease but stress is still the same. Actually,  it’s increasing by the month.

The change of work schedule, schooling, healthcare, and entertainment has had a serious impact on mental health. Managing everything from one place, that too our home clutters everything and forms a pile. Curse the work culture all you want but going out and meeting people has a positive impact on our brains.

Also, the separation of spaces for work and play keeps one’s mind sane. Now, companies are going hybrid so it’s safe to say that work from home is more than a stepping stone. It’s the new normal. Therefore, it’s best to find ways to declutter your mind and reduce stress before it drives you mad.

What actually causes stress?

If you dive into the technical causes, the major ones are:

  • Hormonal levels
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure

But, understanding your role in all this mess is crucial to cure the problem. It’s affirmative that you can’t directly control your hormones, but you sure can control your eating and sleeping habits. The moral of the story is, you are in full control of what you let into your body. You must take charge of your health.

Let’s understand what’s causing you stress.

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Sleep Deprivation: Sleep deprivation can be caused by health problems like anxiety or some disease. Surprisingly, these are not prime reasons for the problems. Sleep deprivation is not fully related to sadness or depression. People don’t sleep to watch a few extra episodes of their favorite show on Netflix. They choose to party or drink while oversleeping.

After spoiling the sleep cycle in the first place, how can you expect to be calm and productive? Good 7-hour sleep is important for your body. You might be busy with work or have some engagements to fulfill but you can always make up for that. But habitually spoiling your sleep cycle will not take you very far.

Media Overload: Smartphones and the internet have hijacked the lives of many. People spend most of their time on the phone. Of course, entertainment is required for a happy life. But the thing to understand here is that everything is on phones these days. From work to leisure, our lives are dependent on these gadgets.

So, you must find a balance between what you need to do and what you can avoid. Increased screen time causes irreversible damage to our health and mind. These gadgets trigger stress responses and deprive you of a fulfilling life.

Relationship Problems: Relationships are the backbones of a person’s happiness. It’s not just the romantic relationships that give people pleasure. Parents and friends play an equally important part. They are there when you need them. But sometimes things are not as smooth as one would want.

Quarrels and misunderstandings often cause stress. These are people you spend most of your time with. A troubling relationship can be a great cause of discomfort.

How to manage stress?

Professional Treatments: Treatment practices such as acupuncture, massage, and yoga therapy are great for curing stress. There are points in your body that, when pressed the right way, can heal your body and mind. Massage relieves your body of tension and soothes your muscles. On the other hand, yoga therapy is the first step towards holistic wellness.

Therapy: Talking it out works amazingly for your mental health. Connect with a therapist and talk about your problems. They can identify what might be causing you stress and can also prescribe you medicine if you need them. Sometimes, you don’t know why you feel a certain way. Therapy shows you a path towards self-understanding and thus, happiness.

Self-Care: Self-care is the topmost solution for stress. You know exactly what makes you happy and calms your mind. It can be a spa, sauna, or some time out at the beach. You must take some time out and treat yourself. Eating clean food is also a form of self-care that works wonders for people with high stress.

Life is stressful. Nothing can be done about it. But, you can reduce it substantially if you follow these tips. These treatments and self-care lead to a fulfilling life that you enjoy every minute of. All you have to do is take control of your wellness. Start thinking about what may cause harm and eliminate that. It’s the first step towards a happier life.

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