4 Reasons You Should Get Your Kid a Feline Friend

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Getting a pet or pets has multiple benefits for any pet owner as they are great companies to have in doing activities, which could help keep you active and boost your immune system. As parents, it would be ideal to allow your kids to have pets to teach them important lessons about boundaries, responsibilities, and love.

Between the two most popular pets—dogs and cats—it’s an ongoing debate about which one is better. For the most part, dogs get more votes as better pets. They are called man’s best friend probably because they are sweeter and smarter creatures than cats. But that doesn’t mean that cats can’t be sweet and intelligent as well because they are on a wholly different level.

Thus, if you’re looking for reasons why you should get a cat in a world where people consider dogs to the superior pets, then read on to find out the benefits of getting one. There are many benefits not many people know about having cats as pets, especially for children, so it’s time you know about them.

The Benefits of Getting Cats as Pets

For the record, comparing dogs to cats is pointless, as both animals have amazing things to offer to their humans and some not-so-amazing things to your home. You have to know that getting pets is a huge responsibility, and they could be hyperactive creatures. Raising pets is not a walk in the park as dogs tend to chew on clothes and shoes, and cats like scratching at window furnishings while dropping every item on tables to the ground.

However, if you’re willing to overlook the hard work and possible challenges of owning a pet, then it will be a life-changing decision when you finally get one. If you’re still confused if you should get a pet that is only second to dogs, then here are some reasons why cats rule:

1. Cats Can Teach Your Kids and Family to Be Gentle

There are many essential traits that having cats can teach you about, including being gentle and courteous. Since cats are relatively smaller than most dogs, kids who grow up alongside cats would know how to have these traits when handling, petting, and playing with them. They can be friendly and playful creatures, but they also love sleeping so much that kids know how to respect their resting time.

2. Cats Can Teach Your Kids and Family to Be Patient

Cats can also teach your kids to be patient, as they are pets that take time to settle into a new place where they don’t recognize any scent when you first bring them home. Sometimes, they can be aloof and hide in corners for days, as new surroundings can be frightening to them. These feline traits would teach your kids to be patient and respect the cat’s boundaries until they are ready to be the cat they really are. Earning their trust can also take some time, but you will be surprised once they start snuggling and cuddling with you while you’re sitting down or lying in bed.

3. Cats Can Teach Your Kids and Family to Become More Independent

Yes, cats can teach your kids about independence as they are very independent creatures who can survive without much human-caused stimulation. This feline trait is also ideal for pet owners who have to work and don’t have much time to play with their cats. Cats don’t need to be walked twice a day, and they also quickly learn how to use their cat sand as their toilets, so you wouldn’t need to worry about any accidents. Because of the cat’s independence, kids will know the value of this trait and can even help them become independent as they grow up.

4. Cats Can Teach Your Kids and Family to Be Responsible

If you think about it, having pets teaches pet owners how to become more responsible, as having pets is almost like having a kid. But when it comes to cats, they can teach your kids to be responsible as these pets aren’t as expressive as a dog with their needs. They could be hungry or thirsty, and they would just be sleeping or meowing like a cute kitten they are. Therefore, as pet owners, you would need to stick to your schedule and make sure their dietary needs are met for their overall health.

Cats Rule

To be honest, cats and dogs should never be compared as they are both amazing creatures. If you can get both, then do so; it will be amazing to witness how the two different creatures interact. But between the two, cats have some benefits that can make them superior to dogs—just saying.

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