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A smile in the mirror can brighten up an individual’s day, or when faced with severe misalignment problems, can be a hindrance to their emotional wellbeing. It is for those who do not find joy in their smile that the area of braces Stoke-on-Trent may be most interesting. After all, if you want to alter your smile, the use of braces is often the first point of call.

Whilst in the past, the more common brace options surrounded metal contraptions which were not always cosmetically appealing, with modern advances both in terms of knowledge and equipment, the tooth straightening options have broadened and expanded in style, materials and overall efficiency. Beginning the search for a realignment process can therefore be a little bit of a minefield.

Narrowing down the choices

Whilst the end decision is always yours, when seeking a suitable solution to alter your smile, it is important to discuss the options with your dental team. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge on each treatment and procedure can be invaluable. Listening to your ideas on which treatments appeal most to you, examining your misalignment issues through physical examinations and scans, and then combining all these to create a plan that is most suitable to your individual case.

Having several effective options explained in full to you and taking into consideration your cosmetic preferences can help quickly narrow down which method of realignment will be most suitable for you and help avoid endless hours searching online for options which may not suit your individual case.

Treatments in adulthood

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In the past, the majority of realignment treatments and procedures focused primarily on those within their adolescent years. However, as each method has developed, the age range within which treatment is effective has expanded and therefore many adults who seek a straighter smile are able to receive the treatment they are after, without their peers necessarily knowing.

One fundamental difference between receiving treatment during childhood and the teenage years compared to in adulthood, is that due to the stage of growth, for adults the realignment process may take longer.

Using the traditional, but with a twist

With the more recent treatments such as invisible aligners filtering through, some may feel a little uncertain and prefer to stick with the more traditional brace method. If this is the case, it does not mean that the cosmetic appearance needs to be sacrificed. Clear braces combine the effective traditional method with a more modern and discreet appearance. This combination ensures that even those with more severe cases of misalignment are able to effectively alter their smile without fear of embarrassment.

The impact of treatment

Although receiving treatment may not be something that is necessarily exciting, the results at the end of it not only provide a smile that is straighter, but can also boost the overall confidence of the individual. A smile that was once hidden behind a mask or a scarf is no more and the confident smile of a person can begin to shine through, during and after treatment. Talk to your dentist today for more information.

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