Everything You Need to Know about Becoming a Lawyer

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Choosing a profession can be one of the hardest decisions a person has to make in a lifetime. That’s why it’s always helpful if you do a little research before you dive into the path that leads to it. This won’t only help you choose the right path to take. It will also set your expectations as to what your future job responsibilities may be like. If you’re wondering how to become a lawyer or if you will even like the job, here is a brief overview of what being a lawyer is like:

What Do Lawyers Do?

Lawyers mainly represent and advise businesses, individuals, and government agencies regarding disputes and legal issues. Lawyers are also recognized as advisors and advocates. Attorneys represent one or more parties in a civil or criminal trial. They present pieces of evidence and arguments to support their client. Lawyers also counsel their clients regarding their obligations and legal rights. They then suggest the course of action that the business or individual should best consider. Lawyers also research the judicial decisions and intent of laws so they can apply it to their client’s circumstances.

What Are the Different Types of Lawyers?

Even though lawyers share a general responsibility as posted above, there are different types of lawyers who specialize in various fields. Here are just some of them:

  • Tax Lawyers – Attorneys who specialize in tax-related issues can work for both corporations and individuals. They usually help their clients to navigate through complex tax regulations. They will then inform their client how much to pay according to their property, income, or profits.
  • Family Lawyers – Family lawyers advise their clients about family issues like child custody, adoption, and divorce.
  • Environmental Lawyers – These types of lawyers deal with problems in connection with the environment. Their clients may be waste disposal companies and advocacy groups who want to ensure that companies and individuals comply with appropriate laws.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers – These lawyers deal with issues in connection with patents, inventions, creative works, and trademarks. An example scenario is if it’s okay for a client to add another author’s published material into his book.

What is a Lawyer’s Work Schedule?

Most lawyers work full-time. However, a lot of lawyers allot more than 40 hours in a week. Those who work in private corporations and large firms also dedicate additional hours to conduct research and prepare documents.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Lawyer?

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It takes more than a diploma and certificates to become a successful lawyer in practice. Here are just some of the skills that you need to be a lawyer.

  • Interpersonal Skills – Lawyers need to build a healthy relationship with their clients. They should be able to earn their trust and confidence.
  • Research Skills – Attorneys need to find regulations and laws that apply to the matter at hand. This will help him give appropriate advice to his client.
  • Speaking Skills – Lawyers need to be able to communicate clearly and briefly on behalf of his client. A good lawyer should be able to talk confidently under pressure.

Being a lawyer is far from easy. But if you still want to pursue the legal path but don’t want to become a lawyer, you can still pursue a paralegal certificate program in Illinois.

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