Exotic Plants That Collectors Try Their Best to Find

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When you’re renovating, you can make your home more laid-back, lived-in, and relaxing. Adding more plants and trees can complement any design you may have in mind.

You can have bathroom design and renovation experts handle your dream bathroom with a sauna or jacuzzi, but if you want to have a “wow” garden add some exotic plants and trees.

Here are some of the most popular exotic plants that avid collectors prize and are always looking for — giving you a unique and explosive ‘pop’ to your garden or landscape.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are pure white lilies that provide not only aesthetic benefits but also several health benefits. You can plant them indoors and outdoors. They act as great air purifiers, making any home cleaner and more beautiful. However, they’re relatively challenging to grow and maintain during the winter months, but they’re well worth the effort.

Hardy Hibiscus

A Hardy Hibiscus is an exotic perennial plant that you can find throughout countries with tropical climates. These gorgeous flowering plants come in various cultivars and colors but are relatively easy to grow. However, ensure you place it on a well-drained pot and use acidic soil (you can add peat moss to your plant’s soil to increase acidity) to let it bloom seamlessly. They’re the perfect plants to cover your garden’s edges with, providing a ‘pop’ of vibrancy, making it more colorful and welcoming.

Ghost Orchid

Ghost orchids are rare plants known for their ‘ghostly’ features, including a pale white color and unique phantasmal appearance. Unlike most orchids, a ghost orchid doesn’t have any leaves, relying on other plants’ nutrients. It’s a highly sought after plant by avid collectors. They’re demanding to grow as they only thrive in humid conditions with consistent temperatures. You can buy seedlings of this exotic plant from Florida and Cuba.

Elephant Ear

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Elephant ear plant or ‘Colocasia’ is a popular option for many home gardeners due to their massive and vibrant tropical leaves. These plants can come in different shapes and colors. Despite their large stature and intricate appearance, elephant ear plants are relatively easy to grow. You can use this exotic plant as background plants to emphasize centerpieces in your garden like a fountain. However, no matter how you incorporate elephant ears, it’s sure to bring vibrancy and a unique ‘tropical’ vibe to your garden.


The Anthurium is a sophisticated tropical plant that is a popular plant option for indoors, but you can also add it to your outdoor garden. They’re a bit challenging to grow, but they’re very rewarding when in fruition. These brightly colored and unique flowers can add an instant splash of color to any room in your house or home garden.

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet is a branch of exotic tropical plants. They’re large shrubs best known for their massive, fragrant, and gorgeous hanging flowers. They can make fantastic centerpieces that can make your garden look, feel, and smell lovely. However, they can be fatal when consumed, so ensure to keep your children and pets away from this plant.

These exotic plants aren’t only beautiful works of nature — they’re living pieces of history. Any of the mentioned plants are prized by avid collectors globally and can be the perfect addition to any home garden, making it unique, colorful, and undeniably beautiful.

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