First Job Interview: What Steps Should You Take to Be a Hit?

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When you are about to enter the job market, it can be intimidating to come into your first job interview. But thousands of people do it every year, and they do fine. All you need is proper preparation, and you are sure to ace that interview. Here are some tips that should ensure your planning bears fruit.

Research The Company

Before anything else, you need to know more about the company. Knowing whether you will like working for the company or not should be a priority for you. If you work in a positive environment, you will be more productive and can be at your best. Nowadays, it is pretty simple to figure out the culture of the company. Most companies have a website that talks about their operations and what they do. There are also employer review sites for those who want the real score behind the company.

Get Your Clothes in Good Order

Though many people say that you shouldn’t judge on appearance, HR departments will judge you if you look bad when you come in for your interview. Be sure to visit the laundromat earlier in the week to have a good set of clothes ready. If you don’t have business attire, then it is an excellent investment to get. As a rule of thumb, depending on your gender, you should get clothes that will get the approval of your grandmother. Always ask someone how you look in the outfit to be sure that you have it right.

Prepare for Questions

Interviews are all about questions, and that can make people nervous. If you don’t feel comfortable under the spotlight, you should try to prepare for the questions. Your research will help, but you need to be ready for a variety. Mostly, you will be asked about your CV and experience. That should be easy, but stuttering or being hesitant about the answers can leave a negative impression. To avoid this, you should try a practice interview with your friends or family. It should be simple to come up with some mock questions that you can practice answers for. By the time you are through, you should have smooth and natural responses to most questions.

Have All Your Paperwork Ready

There are several things that you have to bring to your interview. For one, there is your CV. You probably sent one ahead, but a physical copy that you give to your interviewer can make things simpler. Your interviewer will appreciate it. If the job you are applying for is artistic or creative, you should also bring along your portfolio. Besides that, you might also want to bring along a pen and paper, along with a list of questions you might want to ask the interviewer.

Get the Job


Proper preparation can be the difference between getting the job and missing out. All it takes is a bit of effort, and you can increase your chances of getting accepted at your preferred job. Even if you don’t succeed at first, just keep on prepping and learn from your mistakes. You’ll eventually get the right position for you.

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