Home Upgrades in the Pandemic: Incorporating Health and Wellness into Your House

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There’s no doubt how home improvement projects have boomed during this pandemic. It was especially true last year at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. As many individuals and families have stayed indoors, they have thought about remodeling their indoor spaces. Some have even gone as far as renovating their outdoor landscapes.

It’s never too late to have some home updates while still in a pandemic. But this time around, it’s best to incorporate health and wellness at home. Why? Our focus is on fostering overall health and well-being in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

That said, here are some home upgrades to consider for your residential property with health and wellness in mind:

1. Set up a home gym

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The rise of home gyms has become apparent during this pandemic. Why? The lockdowns and pandemic restrictions have compelled individuals and families to work out at home. When the fitness centers got closed last year, many people set up gyms in the comfort of their homes. Even when these centers have reopened this year, many individuals have seen the value of having a home gym. As such, you may want to consider setting up one as well.

2. Create a Zen corner

Aside from staying physically fit and healthy, you must ensure your emotional and psychological well-being during this pandemic. Besides promoting physical fitness through a home gym, foster mental health through a Zen corner. Yes, you can choose a dedicated Zen space in your residential property for peace and relaxation. For instance, you can find a quiet place, incorporate natural sounds, and sit on a mat. You can have your yoga and meditation in this part of your house.

3. Allow natural lighting

Did you know that sunlight exposure comes with a handful of benefits? Of course, we don’t pertain to excessive sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer, sun glare distraction, and fading furnishings. What we mean is allowing natural light into your house. That way, your family can get enough vitamin D, release happy hormones, and boost their mood. You can update your home by allowing sunlight to come in through your doors and windows. That said, consider upgrading these parts of your house.

4. Integrate indoor and outdoor spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven how home isolation can take a toll on physical and mental health. It can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that can be detrimental to your health due to a lack of physical activities. It can also lead to loneliness and stress and escalate to anxiety and depression. As far as a home upgrade is concerned, the best course of action is to integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Aside from remodeling your home, you can have a house extension through patio, deck, pergola, driveway, or walkway installation.

5. Go green through indoor planting

It’s surprising how home gardening has boomed amid the COVID-19 crisis. It comes with plenty of practical benefits, from boosting your property’s curb appeal to making your family physically active to communing with nature for mental wellness. However, if you don’t have a backyard or front yard, try indoor planting instead. Hydroponic gardening has become increasingly popular among many households during this pandemic.

6. Transform your bathroom into a spa room

Your bathrooms should be on top of your home upgrade list. Why? They are often the most used and abused. As such, they can be subject to wear and tear. They can also become filthy over time. But this time around, consider transforming your bathrooms into spa rooms. Know that there’s more to these than just spaces for showering and eliminating bodily wastes. Your bathrooms can be your family’s solitary refuge or a sanctuary for peace and relaxation.

7. Turn your basement into a relaxation hub

Among various house areas, it’s easy for your family to neglect your basement. For the most part, it usually serves as a mere storage room for every household. But as part of your home upgrade, it’s a good idea to turn your basement into a relaxation hub. There are a handful of ways you can transform your basement. You can make it a guest room, a movie theater, a mini-bar, or even a Zen room. That said, consider hiring a home contractor for basement finishing and remodeling.

At this point, you now know how to transform your house with health and wellness in mind. Be sure to consider some home upgrades recommended above. However, assess your current living spaces and see what your family needs. You can either take the DIY route or hire a home contractor for your house renovation project. In the end, fostering overall health and well-being begins at home!


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