Housekeeping with Kids and Pets? Here’s How to Stay Sane and Hygienic

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Toddlers and pets are probably two of the cutest things on earth. However, combine these two in one household, and it seems like chaos ensues wherever they go. It looks like you are constantly cleaning up after your energetic charges. How can you manage to keep the seemingly endless hurricane of clutter at bay?

Raising children and pets can be messy. For the busy parent, maintaining a clean and hygienic home can be next to impossible. When you find yourself always coming home to sticky cereals constantly spilt all over your hardwood floors, your garden being dug up, and Legos strewn everywhere just waiting to lay waste on your bare feet, you want to throw in the towel and call it a day. The good news is that you can maintain a clean and healthy home. Here are some things you need to do.

Regularly groom your pets.

If your dog or cat is the breed that constantly sheds, chances are you are met with stray hairs on the carpet, the couch, your bedsheets, or your laundry fresh from the dryer. What you can do is to keep regular grooming appointments for your beloved pets. This will keep your pets smelling good, and will let them shed less frequently. Brushing their fur with a slicker brush helps too.

Establish the rule of “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Julie Morgenstern, an expert in organization and time management in a report with The New York Times said that you must create a system of having only one place for each object in the house and making it into a daily habit. For example, the toys go in the toy box, the cereals go in the pantry, and the dirty socks go into the laundry hamper. It will keep your house in reasonable order and will let you know when you have too much stuff in your house.

Dispose of things that you no longer need.

When you have children and pets, you will most likely go through a lot of stuff that will either no longer fit them or are too damaged to use. Find time to sort through your pet’s things and your children’s things. If you find that you have too many clothes, shoes or other accessories sort them into the keep, donate, or throw pile. When you have a house with toddlers and pets, having less is essential in keeping your home as orderly as you can.

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Shop for the right furniture.

When you shop for furniture, you must pay attention to the materials. Having toddlers and pets means having to deal with constant messes such as mudstains on the couch or scratches on the tables’ sides. Always choose furniture that is sturdy and stain-resistant. Invest in couch fabrics that are made for pet owners; you will find that it is worth every penny.

Have a plan for anticipated mess.

Having a toddler and pet in your house means seeing scribbles on the walls, vomit on the couch, or juice on the carpet. Being a parent would entail you to have an arsenal of tools and methods at your disposal. For example, to get rid of hard surface stains, make use of an all-purpose cleaner. For spills, make use of upholstery or a carpet cleaner.

Use an automatic vacuum.

Modern Dog Magazine says that pet owners can benefit from using an automatic vacuum because it will sweep up stay hairs and pick up debris being left by your pet, such as dirt and leaves, which they get from constantly rolling about in the yard. What’s even great about it is that most of these models can have a set schedule for cleaning.

Watch out for fleas.

A flea infestation is one of the worst things that being a pet owner can experience, and it is also one of the worst messes. Stay on top of it with regular sprayings, combings and baths. Place a flea collar on your pet and remember to change it regularly to keep the fleas at bay.

Having toddlers and pets can take a toll on your energy levels. Remind yourself of the unconditional love that you can get from them. It’s also important to keep your stress levels at bay, so once the kids and the pets are safely tucked into bed, reward yourself by having a glass of your favorite drink and a good binge watch of your favorite show on Netflix.

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