How Much Does It Cost to Be a Dog Parent?

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Although welcoming a pup into your household comes with unconditional love, companionship, and endearing tricks, it’s vital to take into account the financial investment this decision entails before diving into pet parenthood.

Aside from caring for your dog to ensure that he gets adequate exercise and tender, loving care, there are various expenses that you may or may not know about that come with parenting a pooch. So how much would it cost to bring home a pup from your local animal shelter or pet shop? Consider the following expenses to find out.

Food Costs

The amount of food your pooch needs would depend on his size, activity level, and age. Puppies require less food but more meals daily. As they grow older, they’ll require more food but fewer meals daily.

Also, the cost will be dependent on your dog’s diet. Food costs a significant sum, whether raw food, low-grain kibble, or standard kibble from the local pet store. In general, expect to cough up between $100 and $1,000 per year.

Grooming Expenses

How much you will pay for your dog’s grooming needs will depend on his breed and your location. Caring for a long-haired pup like a Chow Chow or Bichon Frise would naturally mean more visits to your local pet groomer.

If your climate is warm most of the time, you will probably have to trim your pooch’s coat more regularly than if you live in a colder climate. The cost for a grooming session varies widely, but the average costs are $30 to $90. You can save on grooming costs by doing basic, regular maintenance at home with a suitable brush, nail trimmer, and clippers.

Training Costs

You should consider sending your pup to a dog boot camp, particularly if he’s very young, an adoptee, or if you have small kids in your house. Also, training is important for pups with behavioral problems to help them adapt to being your family member.

How much attention your pooch needs and your location are great indicators of how much training would cost, but you can expect to spend about $50 or more per session.

Dog Sitting Fees

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If you run a busy household and are away from the house most of the time, you may need to consider dog walking and sitting fees. The price varies from one city to another but is generally lower in smaller cities.

Common Medications

Veterinarians typically recommend tick and flea medications year-round. But at the bare minimum, you need to consider giving these medications to your pup every summer. If you’re looking to use oral treatment and a flea collar monthly, this will cost between $140 and $160 per year. If you want to treat your pooch with a topical treatment and flea collar, this will cost you roughly $160 to $180 yearly.

Beyond the Basic Expenses

Aside from the basic expenses listed above, other costs of parenting a pup include toys, collars, leashes, and other extras. While not necessarily pricey, you should include these when making a budget dedicated to your pooch.

Likewise, there are various ways to help you save some money on these extra expenses, such as scouring voucher codes online or signing up for your local pet store’s loyalty rewards program. You should also factor in unanticipated expenses such as medical care and consider pet insurance for this.

Knowing the potential costs of dog parenthood will aid you in making more informed and better choices. Beyond splitting tasks for dog care, you should consider the costs mentioned above as well as how much you could reasonably afford. This way, you won’t go over beyond your means and still care for your furry baby.

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