How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel

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Hotels design their rooms with a subtle color scheme that matches the overall theme of the establishment. In the same way, homeowners want a bedroom that reflects their inner self yet can still serve as their refuge or relaxation spot in their house.

If you feel that your bedroom is outdated or you are not getting the relaxation that you need, you might need a few changes to achieve a restful bedroom with a luxurious hotel feel.

Get a Fresh Set of Bed Linens

Hotel guests are usually impressed with a big, comfy bed with cozy, pristine bamboo sheets. You can recreate this at home by starting a bedroom makeover. Getting a new set of sheets that have been freshly laundered and pressed is the first step to having a refreshing bedroom.

Choose top-quality crisp cotton or fine bamboo percale sheets. Do not obsess about the thread count, but learn to feel and touch the quality of the fabric. Take it a notch higher by creating a do-it-yourself linen spray with rose or lavender essential oils to make your bedroom feel and smell like a luxurious hotel room.

Accentuate Beautiful Pieces

You do not need to do a major makeover to achieve a luxurious hotel-like bedroom at home. All you need to do is to update and accentuate the beautiful things in your refuge. Look around the room. Does it have large charming windows or beautiful floors? Play up the room’s best features, find unique details and showcase them.

Opt for a Serene Color Palette

Choosing the right color of paint is important in each room of the house. And if you intend to recreate a luxurious hotel-like bedroom ambiance, a peaceful color palette is absolutely crucial. Neutral colors create a relaxing vibe in the bedroom, as it leads to a serene and calm mind.

When one is relaxing in the bedroom, the effects of these calming colors are very tangible. The bedroom walls can have a neutral color and beyond this, go for soft pale beiges, blues and whites.

Include the Little Luxuries

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The bed, colors and decor are not the only things that make hotel bedrooms look and feel very luxurious. Everything in the room, including all the little details, has been planned out carefully. To recreate this in your very own bedroom at home, designers suggest adding some tasteful items that you usually see in a hotel room that makes guests feel pampered.

A lovely bedside table with a selection of magazines of books, for instance, a humidifier with scented essential oils or a sound machine are some items that homeowners can add or invest in.

Lastly, make it more personal and unique. Hotels usually feature local arts, crafts and magazines for the guests to feel connected with the location. Since it will be your bedroom that needs to be updated, do not hesitate to include special items like family photos, paintings or a mini bookshelf with your favorite books when decorating. This way, you would feel the connection and feel at peace while staying in.

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