Could Invisalign in Gainsborough give you something to smile about?

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Realign your smile’s potential

Invisalign in Gainsborough has helped countless people overcome the aesthetic implications that having crooked or misaligned teeth can have – without asking them to sacrifice their outward appearance in the process.

Despite its worldwide acclaim and many years of proven success, many people are still unaware of what Invisalign in Gainsborough actually is, or how it could be helping them.

Luckily for readers, however, we have compiled everything that they’ll need to know about the restorative power of Invisalign in Gainsborough so that they can unlock the true potential of their smile and increase their self-confidence as well as their appearance.

What is Invisalign in Gainsborough?

For those that don’t know. Invisalign in Gainsborough is a revolutionary form of cosmetic orthodontics which can align a patient’s smile – without affecting how they look during treatment.

Having poorly aligned teeth is something which affects not only a person’s oral health, but also has several social implications which can impact their life in a number of adverse ways.

In the past, treatment for crooked teeth was somewhat limited in its design. Generally speaking, those who opted for traditional metallic braces had to put their outward appearance to one side and try to ignore it whilst they wore fused braces – often for as long as 12 months!

Invisalign in Gainsborough, however, has changed this entirely.

By offering a new approach to orthodontics which does not require bonding or attachment to their teeth in any way Invisalign in Gainsborough has paved the way for an influx of new patients who can now align their smiles discreetly, comfortably and quickly.

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How does Invisalign in Gainsborough work?

The process of how Invisalign in Gainsborough works re-established orthodontic norms in a fascinating and effective way.

Rather than bond brackets to each individual tooth, the entire alignment process is carried out through a single, removable custom-made retainer.

Each of these retainers is moulded to fit the patient’s tooth shape perfectly and is constructed from a durable, yet malleable patented plastic called SmartTrack.

Inside each Invisalign retainer, there are carefully placed pressure points that apply pressure to the specific teeth which have been identified as being out of place.

What are the advantages to Invisalign in Gainsborough?

As each Invisalign retainer fits perfectly over the patient’s teeth, when they wear their retainer it becomes almost totally invisible!

This, as you can imagine, is one of the massive appeals of seeking Invisalign in Gainsborough – particularly for young adults and teenagers.

However, the discreet nature of Invisalign in Gainsborough is not the only appeal of the treatment. Below are some of the other most commonly cited advantages of the Invisalign system.

  • Comfortability: As the Invisalign method negates the need for anything to be physically attached or bonded to the patient’s teeth during treatment, it is commonly cited as one of the most comfortable and relaxed ways of realigning crooked teeth.
  • Cleanliness: Another one of Invisalign’s advantages is that it makes the cleaning of the patient’s teeth far easier than through traditional, fused braces. This is because the retainer can be removed to allow the patient to brush and floss freely – massively reducing their risk of periodontal disease.
  • Convenience: Another advantage of the removable nature of the Invisalign system is that patients have far more freedom in regards to when they carry out their treatment. Unlike fused braces, those who undergo Invisalign treatment can take out their retainer whenever they wish – such as for a date or special occasion, to eat, or to pose for a photograph.

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