Is it time a dentist in Soho put a smile back on your face?

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Getting things together

2020 was, by all accounts, an unprecedented year full of twists, turns and strife. However, as we edge into a new year it is time for us to take stock of what is important and begin the task of putting things back together.

It is here that a dentist in Soho can play a vital role. Over the course of the nation-wide lockdowns and the on/off nature of many businesses, a lot of people may have found that their oral wellbeing has not been kept to the same standards as pre-lockdown.

Anyone who feels this way should waste no time in seeking out professional help from a dentist or hygienist – who can use their expertise and skills to restore your smile to its old self and minimise the potential risk of any damage to their oral or general health.

What can a hygienist do?

A hygienist is a specialised field of density which is centred around the preservation of your natural oral health. Rather than purely focusing on how your teeth look, the dental hygienist is more concerned with how healthy your teeth are – and whether or not there are any signs of gum disease, decay or general deterioration.

Given their expertise, it makes sense for anyone who feels that their oral health may have lessened somewhat over lockdown to seek out the help of a trusted hygienist.

Examining and recognising the indicators of gingivitis or periodontal disease is one of the main roles of a hygienist, as well as advising patients of all ages about proper brushing techniques and tips to avoid them from returning to the dentist’s chair too soon.

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Scaling & Polishing

Alongside identifying and stopping any signs of gum disease and furthering a patients education about good oral habits, a dental hygienist also carries out a professional cleaning process known as a ‘scale and polish’.

This is a two-stage procedure which aims to completely rid a patient’s teeth or any buildups of tartar or plaque, as well as removing any stubborn marks, stains or other visible signs of damage.

The first stage of a scale and polish procedure involves using an ultrasound scraper – amongst other tools – to remove any plaque or tartar deposits that form throughout the patient’s teeth – particularly in the harder-to-reach spaces between their teeth. This can be a massively effective way of reducing the likelihood of gum diseases, as well as increasing the freshness of your breath.

After this comes the second stage in the process, which is called the ‘polish’. As you may have deduced, this involves using a polishing tool to buffer and clean all throughout the patient’s mouth – ridding them of any stubborn and tough stains or discoloration. The effects of this are often thought to be similar to that of cosmetic whitening – only they are not purely cosmetic.

Anyone who is somewhat concerned about the current health of their teeth shouldn’t worry. By simply phoning up, or making a digital consultation, it is perfectly possible to restore your teeth to full health and keep you smiling for years yet.

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