Parenting Guide: Make Being Stuck at Home More Fun for Kids in 3 Ways

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For the past year and a half, you and your family have probably been staying at home more than ever before. And if you’ve got kids, this can be quite a challenge, right? Your young ones are throwing tantrums. Your teens are glued to their gadgets. Everyone’s simply bored and snappish because of being cooped up in the house most of the time.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways you can make being stuck at home more fun for everyone in the family, especially the kids. Take a look at three simple ways you can do this.

Get the perfect pet for your kids

One great way to make your everyday life at home more fun is to get an adorable pet. Your kids will surely love playing around or just chilling out with a pet to while away their time at home. What’s more, having a pet can help teach your kids about unconditional love and instill in them a sense of responsibility. But before you get one, make sure your kids understand that having a pet is a long-term commitment and that each one of them is expected to have a hand in taking care of the pet.

So what kind of pet should you get? A dog is probably at the top of your list. Dogs are cuddly, loving, and playful. However, they can also be hyperactive, so you’ll probably have to get the help of a professional dog trainer to help keep your pooch in line. For a pet that’s less active and more independent, go for a cat. Cats are easier to housebreak and don’t require much attention. But if you want a pet that won’t really turn your home life (and the whole house) upside down, then get a fish, hamster, or guinea pig. Talk to your kids about the kind of pet you’re getting so that you’ll all be on the same page.

Make household chores enjoyable for your kids

It goes without saying that household chores are part of everyday home life. For sure, everyone in your family is assigned a task or two to keep your household running smoothly. But more than getting things done around the house, doing household chores is important for kids because it teaches them life skills, such as washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and preparing food. Plus, it helps them become more self-reliant and responsible.

But how can you make these tiresome tasks more enjoyable for your kids? For one, you can give them rewards for finishing their chores. You can, for example, give your young kid an extra 30-minute screen time for helping you with the dishes. Your teen will surely be more than willing to do the family’s laundry if there’s an allowance at the end of the task. Or you can make doing household chores literally more enjoyable by turning it into playtime. Washing the car or giving your pooch a bath, for instance, will be a blast for your kids if there’s also a water gun or balloon fight during the task.

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Spend quality time with your kids

Sometimes, spending quality time with your kids is all it takes to make staying at home more fun for them. So have some time dedicated to your kids. Your bonding time with your kids will help strengthen your relationship with them and create wonderful memories they can look back to when they become adults. When spending quality family time, make sure you give your kids your attention, so you can actually experience things together or learn new things about each other.

Whether fun or relaxing, there are many activities you can do during your bonding time with your kids. For starters, you can have a family game day once a month and play board, card, video, or whatever games your kids like to play. Or you can do more laid-back activities like binge-watching and having a cookout every Sunday. Better yet, turn your simple everyday activities into some bonding time. Eat meals together and talk about everything under the sun. Then, dance and sing your hearts out while clearing the table and washing, drying, and putting away the dishes.

Make Staying at Home Fun for Your Kids

Being stuck at home can be very difficult for everyone, especially the kids. But there are many ways you can make your kids’ time at home more fun for them. You can start by getting a pet, making household chores enjoyable, and spending quality time together.

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