Making Your Home Pet-friendly: What Should You Do?

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Pets are valuable and cherished family members of homeowners like you. Welcoming a fuzzy pet into your lovely home is like having a new family member; it’s an exciting yet nerve-racking moment for the whole family. And with it, the same pressing needs to prepare your home for their long-awaited delivery.

Instead of confining your dogs to the backyard, you should decorate and remodel your living spaces with their desires in mind, making pet-friendly decorating a full-fledged trend. Pet-proofing your house is critical for keeping your dog or cat healthy, and it can be nerve-racking for first-timers. The trick is in using the proper materials and considering your animals’ preferences.

If you want to make significant changes, repairs, or additions to welcome your new fur babies, you should call a general contractor to handle the modifications. Getting a professional means the work will be done the first time correctly, and you can enjoy living in a house with pets in comfort and style!

Stain-resistant Fabrics

Forget linen, chintz, and the pet-hair magnet that is velvet. Crypton is an almost indestructible plastic cloth immune to stains, odors, microbes, and dirty hands. Leather is a smart option since it is simple to clean and long-lasting.

Most leather grades can get scratches from Fido or Fluffy’s nails, but the scratches add patina anyway. Try pleather if you think it’s a cruel irony to purchase a couch made from an animal for your animal. It’s cruelty-free, reasonably priced, and has everlasting appeal.

Hard-surfaced Floors

Bare floorboards are the way to go, but they don’t have to be boring. Painted concrete, including terrazzo and stone, is both beautiful and long-lasting. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and add a warm glow to every space but bear in mind that big dogs will scrape the wood.

Ceramic tile is the safest floor since it is simple to disinfect and immune to whatever stain an animal may give out. Tile is toenail-proof, it helps a space appear clean and sophisticated, and it provides an excellent spot for fluffy animals to chill during hot weather. Porous objects, such as certain natural rocks, aren’t as pet-friendly as other hard surfaces since the enzymes in pet spit will affect them even though they’re sealed.

Play Room

The theory is that the home comes first so that you can guarantee that the pet has enough room to wander in the property or a garden to play in. Cats are suitable for any sized area because they are lightweight and don’t need to be brought outdoors, while dogs need a little more space to play with and maybe walk around.

Sleeping Place

dog sleeping

It is vital to have a small room for your dog or cat to sleep in, just like you have a bed where you can rest at night. Your pet’s space provides them with a sanctuary to call their own, which allows them to unwind and feel comfortable during the day. Pets, too, need the freedom to play and roam. The amount of room they need is determined by their size. You wouldn’t place a Saint Bernard in a small New York apartment because that would be unfair to both you and the puppy.

Pet Furniture

One of the most common worries about owning a pet is how they would respond to your furniture, mainly if you are gone all day at work. Coming home to see the pillows ripped and scratched all over the wooden furniture may be a significant issue, so by buying pet accessories and furniture, they can learn to get on from your stuff and focus their attention on theirs.


Cats need scratching posts and tiny toys to keep them entertained during the day. On the other hand, dogs are more engaging and want games that they can play with, alone or with their parents. You may seem to be spoiling your dogs, but you will be grateful when they are too preoccupied with their toys to tear up the upholstery or carpet.

Eating Area

It is just as necessary to designate an eating area to select a sleeping area for your dogs. They must have a calm and peaceful environment to consume their food and drink their water to get complete and nutritious meals. There should still be a safe supply of water available for them to drink during the day, as well as a food bowl nearby.

If your pet has to shed more weight, buying a food bowl that releases a specific volume of food at a time is a brilliant idea, and it prevents your pet from eating so much food at once.


Flooring is something you can do. Be sure that your home has hardwood floors or easily cleaned textured tiles. You would like to add exquisite rugs and carpets to your luxury new house. However, stop covering the floor with rugs and carpets. Whether you have a dog or a cat, mats in the home will collect fur and bacteria, which is terrible for you and your pets.

Having a pet is both a fantastic experience and a significant burden. Animals aren’t the only thing that people have as pets. Our four-legged, feathered, and finned companions need time, care, and a home that is as protected and cozy as ours. Remember the pets’ specific interests when designing a house for both you and them.

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