Essential dental marketing for a new dental practice

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A good dental marketing campaign is very important in helping you attract patients to your dental practice. Everyone knows that they need to visit the dentist, therefore, dental marketing is different to marketing for other businesses. Other businesses have to convince their clients to take up their services or buy their products, whereas dental marketing is designed to promote good dental health. It can reinforce the importance of visiting the dentist and encourage patients to undergo certain treatments and procedures to improve the appearance and condition of their smile. With good dental marketing you will be able to do all of the above, but also encourage patients to do this at your dental practice and not at one of the other practices in your area. If you are a new dental practice, there are many different techniques which you need to implement to help patients choose you above your competitors. By speaking to a digital dental marketing team you will be able to put together a marketing campaign which is in keeping with current trends, but also keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

Google Maps

First you need to make sure that your dental practice is listed on Google Maps. In this era of the world-wide-web, before a patient visits you in person they will search for you on Google. One of the most popular dental searches is ‘best dentist near me’. It is important that you are listed in the search results for your location to have any chance of attracting a patient to you. Google My Business is a free tool by Google which allows you to list your dental practice on Google Maps. Once you have done so your details will be listed each time a patient searches for a dental practice in your area.

google analytics

Google reviews

Another important feature of a good dental marketing campaign is making sure you have a good collection of Google ratings and reviews. You need to kindly remind each of your patients to leave a quick review every time they visit your practice. This is so that when a prospective patient wants to find out more about your services they will come across a large collection of feedback that will help them make an informed decision and encourage them to visit you in person. The majority of patients will read online reviews before booking an appointment, therefore, the more positive reviews you are able to present them with the greater chance there is of building trust and credibility and encouraging them to choose you. It is also important that you check your reviews so that you can respond to your patients, thanking them for positive feedback and replying to negative feedback by letting patients know how you will try to improve yourself. This will also help build credibility and will show your patients that you care about their opinions.

Your Google listing, ratings and reviews are important in helping you create an online presence, so visit Google My Business today and upload all your information without delay so that patients can begin finding you straightaway, making sure you do not lose out on new patients to your competitors.

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