Becoming Who You Are: Picking the Right Career Path

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Being a kid is awesome. When you are a kid, there are a lot of career options that you may branch into, especially if the parents are supportive. There are millions of parents out there that want nothing but the best for their child. Thankfully, the U.S. education system allows most young adults to pick out the course they feel like they fit most. The North American countries have the most college-educated people: 46% for the United States and 56% for Canada. It is not a surprise for a kid coming out of high school to go to college immediately.

For some, the luxury of college is not available. There are situations where some don’t even get to go to college after graduating high school. The cost of college is too expensive and can put you in debt. Some opt to hedge their future on trade skills work that requires no college degree. Because the cost of college is too high, some parents also try to pick out the courses for their kids. While this is admirable, picking the course for your child might send them to a path they might not like. Such a move might send them into the pits of depression and identity crises.

Picking the correct career path should be the child’s choice but should be backed and guided by the parents. There are many noble careers out there, all available thanks to the education system we have today. How does one pick the right career path? How can a parent guild their child into picking the best course for him or her?

Have The Long Conversation

The initial action that should be taken is that the child must have a long and serious conversation about the trajectory of his life with his or her loved ones and parents. To the older people’s credit, there are many things they can advise a young adult regarding their experience about certain career paths. Older people might not have the chops of a career advisor. However, they must know the child enough to know whether they have a great chance of succeeding in the chosen field.

Identify Strengths and Weakness


Any person may have a hard time identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. It is the reason why many hire career advisor to test their mettle and figure out who they really are. It is a notorious pattern for people to pursue what they are weak at. The heart yearns to achieve what they have not achieved yet.

While it is normal to feel this way, pursuing it might end up being just a waste of time. If one wants to save time and resources, one must be sure of what he or she wants in life. It is very useful to identify the activities he or she may be good at. Enjoying what one is good at is the key to success in his or her career. It is vital to identify the strengths and the weaknesses early on.

Openness to Other Viable Career Paths

Opening oneself to other viable career paths is a must if one is operating under a budget. It is completely understandable to completely evade being trapped under college debt. There are many vocational courses available for those willing to undergo training. There is a lot of nobility in making a career out of a trade skill. For example, a lot of people underestimate the pay behind being a skilled carpenter.

However, little do people know that a carpenter is one of the highest-paid jobs there is. There are a lot of vocational and trade skill courses available. EMT training and certification, electrical specialization, plumbing expertise, vehicle auto-mechanic capability, and carpentry are all noble jobs that deserve a second look. Just because it doesn’t take a college degree to take up doesn’t mean it’s easy. Being open to taking up another career path is nothing to be ashamed of.


Accepting that one is destined for a certain career path might be hard, but it is the right thing to do as parents. We are so disillusioned with the grandeur of college. However, a college degree doesn’t always equate to success. 91% of jobs do not require any tertiary education. There are many successful people out there who do not have a degree. While a college degree allows one to earn 66% more than those who have one, it takes true grit and perseverance to succeed in America. Acceptance of the career chosen early on will make the transition to self-reliance easier.

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