Playing the Right Music to Fit Your Kids’ Mood

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We, as parents, know that exposing our kids to music early on in life can lead to many benefits. It could improve their social skills. It can help ignite their creativity and knack for innovation. It could even help them realize their hidden talents for playing and making music. Perhaps constant exposure to the music of the likes of Elton John and John Legend will inspire them to take piano lessons and hone their skills. But, most of all, it can help them uplift their mood—or at least manage it better.

However, the great hurdle for us parents is not knowing what kind of music would fit the bill. Not all moments to play music are the same. Our kids might be feeling happy and energetic so forcing them to sit down and listen to the slow and calming sound of “Across the Universe” may not be the best way to introduce them to the music of The Beatles. So here is a guide for you to play the right kind of music for every mood of your kids.

When Your Kids Are Feeling Lively

It’s natural for kids to be lively most of the time. They are eager to play and, really, exert that energy through playing. And because they seem to have this unlimited well of energy, moments like this would be the best times to expose them to pop music.

Beyoncé’s music is a great example that would get them dancing happily. You can play them her latest music. But you can also play some of her classics such as “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” If you have daughters, then you can play then “Run the World (Girls)” to inspire a sense of girl power in them.

When Your Kids Are Feeling Angry and Frustrated

Yes, kids are lively and happy most of the time. But there are also times when they feel angry and frustrated. And there are many reasons why. But, at the root of these negative emotions is the fact that irks them the most—they didn’t get what they wanted. They didn’t get to eat candy before dinner. They didn’t get to take home that toy they wanted from the store. There are many ways to help them manage these negative emotions and overcome them. But, sometimes, they just need a way to release them and have a sort of cathartic experience.

The best way to get them to release their anger and frustration is through rock music. There really is nothing like head-banging and dancing it out when they feel this way. You can play the music of Led Zeppelin, starting with “Immigrant Song.” You can also explore other bands such as The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Just be sure to play the kid-friendly songs only.

When Your Kids Are Feeling Playful and Affectionate

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Sometimes, kids just want to play with you. Yes, they feel lively most of the time. But it’s certainly different when they want to have a good time with their parents. So what do you do? Well, you hang out with them, of course. And, in moments like this, you need the right music that you all can enjoy together.

The music of Queen would be the best for moments like this. There is no doubt that the likes of “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Radio Ga Ga” would get you all dancing around and laughing out loud.

When Your Kids Are Feeling Sleepy

After a long day of running around and playing, your kids would be drained of energy come sundown. Sometimes, they might even be so sleepy that they can’t even brush their teeth and put on their pajamas properly. However, on some nights, your kids might still be energetic even if it’s their bedtime already. So as you help them prepare for bed and help them feel calm after an energetic day, you can help them wind down with the right music.

Joni Mitchell would be perfect for that. The best album that would put them to sleep is her album, Blue. After a few minutes of listening to Mitchell’s soothing voice, and piano- and guitar-playing, your kids would be sleeping soundly.

Many of us parents might believe that the only kind of music that kids should listen to are the ones that come from Sesame Street or Disney. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But there’s also certainly nothing wrong with exposing them to different kinds of music such as rock and pop. All we’ll need to do is curate the right songs so that they are still kid-friendly and would fit their mood.

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