Effective Protection from Mental Illnesses for Your Child

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Many Americans in the US are experiencing all sorts of mental disorders. It’s estimated that about 51 million Americans are diagnosed with a mental illness and that so many more live with untreated disorders in their lives. This places the US as one of the countries with the highest rates of mental disorder.

One of the most problematic parts of this statistic is that a decent chunk of the population are children. It’s estimated that 17 million children are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. That’s a staggering amount. The worse part is that there are so many more American children out there that are left untreated. If you are a parent, there are some ways you can raise your child in a way that they can be resilient against mental illnesses. Here are some ways you can do that.

Active Lifestyle

Raising a child in a healthy environment with an active lifestyle is one of the general ways you can develop your child’s resiliency against mental illness. Psychologist Erik Erickson believes that adventure and discovery are essential things that every child must experience. However, this must be done in a controlled manner. They need to be out there to discover the world while you supervise them. You can do this by integrating a more active lifestyle into their lives.

Many children nowadays rely on technology to keep themselves entertained, which can be detrimental to their growth. They can live their lives well up to adulthood without knowing the potential dangers of the outside world. Your children should be given the ability to roam around various streets in your neighborhood or even visit parks. They should spectate how the world works in a safe and friendly manner. They should be able to interact with other children and play with them. These are all essential to their growth.

A more active lifestyle in children can translate to a healthier mind. This eventually prepares them for school. A child living an active lifestyle is more likely to gain friends and a healthy support group who are present for years to come.

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Reducing Stress

The Diathesis-stress model dictates that stress can be the main reason why certain people develop various mental illnesses when they grow up. If your family has a history of mental illness, make sure that your child is not under extreme stress to live a healthy mental life.

Reducing stress should the goal of every parent in the US. Today, many children are experiencing some stress, with few claiming that they are under tremendous stress. The worse part of it all is that parents do not know why their children are stressed out so much. As a parent, you’ll have to ask your child about problems proactively. This shouldn’t just be about their academics; many parents need to take a more holistic approach and ask them problems regarding their interpersonal relationships or maybe their hobbies. By knowing what is causing them stress, you can find a way to alleviate it.

Don’t be afraid to move (if it’s your first time moving as a family) if the place you are currently living in right now is causing your child stress. Make sure to do what’s best for your child if you don’t want them to develop any mental illnesses as they grow up. This is doubly important if your family has a history of mental illness.

Getting Treated Proactively

If you want the best for your child, you should consider introducing them to psychological services as early as now. Introducing them to these services can help them feel more comfortable once they start experiencing it for themselves down the line.

For example, treatment centers that specialize in eating disorders can be helpful for your child. Eating disorders are among the more common disorders that children can have, and you can proactively send them to these centers if you already see some symptoms of these mental disorders. Although some of these symptoms cannot be seen during early childhood, most of these symptoms are common once they have reached adolescence.

Psychological services can be beneficial once you see various symptoms of mental disorders in your child. Proactively treating them can help lessen the chances of these disorders getting worse. It can also help teach your child some resilient coping mechanisms that can help them cope with problems down the line.

As a parent, we play a big role in how our children will be in the future.¬†Generally, you want to be there for your child when they need you. This is the first and most important thing you should be doing. Additionally, by following these three simple ways, you can ensure that your child won’t develop any mental illnesses when they grow up.

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