Romantic and Sentimental: Why Should You Go for an Heirloom Engagement Ring

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A wedding proposal is such a sweet moment. It is something special for couples yearning to spend the rest of their lives together. To make an engagement truly special and memorable, you must plan it carefully and iron out all details, including the ring to propose with. As there are many options for wedding rings, including the shimmery yellow gold wedding rings for her, there are also as many choices for engagement rings. There are many engagement ring styles available in the market. They also come in different prices. But for some reasons, inherited treasures or heirloom wedding rings seem to be the most attractive.

Sentimental and Romantic

Two hearts yearning to become one is simply romantic. And nothing makes it even more romantic than letting in an inherited treasure into the picture. The sentimental value attached to the ring, considering from whom it was inherited, adds a romantic value to the moment.

At times, the inherited treasure translated into an engagement ring does not have to be just a ring. It could also be a diamond or any precious gem from a vintage piece of jewelry like a necklace or an earring.

It’s a great idea to learn the back story of an inherited treasure if you intend to give it as an engagement ring. Whether it came from your family or your partner’s family, it is a must that you know its value and be able to give it as much importance. The back story will definitely make the ring and the act itself more meaningful.

A Great Way to Save

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More than the sentimental value, giving away an heirloom ring for the engagement saves you loads of money in the process. For the most part, you will only have to bring it to a jewelry shop if it needs repair or polishing.

But, the value of an heirloom ring is definitely beyond that. It is for some a way to pass on a tradition, making the act of giving it very special for both parties.

You see, an engagement and afterwards, a wedding, is about the bonding of two families. Having a valuable connection through an antique piece of jewelry embodies that well enough. You have to be familiar with etiquette guidelines about giving away an heirloom engagement ring.

  • Ask permission. The owner of the ring should give permission and she must also approve of any changes you intend to make along the way. At times, heirloom rings are offered as soon as the intention for a proposal is raised and that would not require you to ask permission. But in such a case, you should choose carefully which inherited treasure is most valuable and be able to turn down other offers politely.
  • Have the ring polished checked for damages before giving it away. Rings could lose their shine when they are left sitting in a box for long. Before the day of the proposal, it would be ideal that you bring it to a jeweler.
  • Be grateful. A ‘thank you’ should be enough to acknowledge your appreciation of such a grand gesture.

Ready for the proposal? If you are able to save on your engagement for using an heirloom ring, you will have another reason to splurge and spoil your partner with an extravagant wedding ring. But as always, be practical and put top priority on the thought rather than the gem.

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