Skills You Need to Remain Relevant in a Post-pandemic World

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Do you think that life will be the same after the pandemic is over? Most major economies are already starting their vaccine program; inoculating as many of their population as they can. This means that at least by the middle part of this year, we will see a huge difference from how life has been since March 2020. But do not think life will exactly be as you left it. Your work will have more demands from you. Even your customers will have different needs now that they’ve undergone the worst year of their lives.

For many people, the fear is that their skills may not be relevant anymore once everything settles down. Industries are going to change and with it comes also the inevitable new requirements of companies. In the post-coronavirus world, your adaptability and flexibility will work to your favor as they have always worked for you pre-pandemic. More than anything else, you have to equip yourself with new skills that are highly in-demand.

Thankfully, there’s been a lot of help from the government and private sector in that regard. These two sectors are working to help people reskill and upskill. They created programs that will hone and update skills. One program called the SGUnited Skills (SGUS) program is a full-time training program in Singapore that aims to help unemployed Singaporeans and those impacted by the pandemic. It intends to give Singaporeans industry-relevant skills and knowledge.


A study found out that more than 84% of job vacancies now require some form of technological skills. Whether it’s a simple data-entry job or the more complex digital marketing, you cannot survive the corporate world without the right digital skills. They said that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is on the horizon. It is only a matter of time before people without tech knowledge become obscure and irrelevant.

The pandemic forced industries further to rely on technology. Sports are being played in a “bubble”; so do movies. Physical stores transitioned to online shops where all facets of retail became virtual. Meetings are only possible via Zoom and other teleconferencing apps. It’s hard to imagine a post-pandemic world without the rapid advancement of technology.


The pandemic showed how companies can survive such an onslaught. Only companies that were able to adapt to the new demands in the market remain standing today. Just look at the way luxury brands like Christian Dior and even Louis Vuitton shifted to making face masks and protective suits. This kind of creativity and resourcefulness will make you a standout.


Data Literacy

Do you believe that the world right now is run by big data? All policy decisions either by the government or private businesses are based on existing data. What use would your marketing degree be if you don’t know how to read the data churned out by your website? What does the data say? That is the question you will often hear in these industries.

If you do not know how to interpret and assess data, how are you going to respond positively to the market’s demands? Companies need to understand business trends, as well as the change in customer needs. They need the knowledge to respond better to these changes since this isn’t the first pandemic that this current generation will encounter.


You wouldn’t think that negotiating will be one of the most in-demand skills right now, would you? There is less money in any industry right now, so you need to have good negotiating skills. That will be valuable for any company you choose to be a part of. You have to show your employers that you can haggle for better deals and prices. Not to mention, you need to compete with bigger companies for supplies that are limited by the disruptions in the manufacturing sector this past year.


A lot has changed in the past year. Some companies will operate with a limited workforce. If you do not know how to carve a niche for yourself in this new world, you will find it hard to thrive in the role that you choose. You have to be resourceful; to find extraordinary ways to solve problems. You have to think outside the box not just from time to time, but constantly. Your ability to come up with ideas even with such limited resources will make you a cut above the rest.

In a tight job market, it is important to have advanced skills; different than the ones your competitors have. That will be the biggest factor in your relevancy in the post-pandemic workforce. With support from the government and private sector, you can hone your existing skills and develop new ones.

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