Stay Safe, Have Fun: Great Outdoor Activities for Your Bored Kids

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The pandemic has happened, and life, as we know it, changed. Most of our time was spent indoors, trying to keep ourselves and our families safe from the virus. That also meant what you used to do outside, you had to do indoors; exercise, work, and speaking with your friends. What about your kids, though?

They’re the ones who’ll suffer the most. No more climbing on that treehouse that you called the professional tree care service to prune; no more playing outside for the time being. With the pandemic easing up, as it seemed, you shouldn’t rush to let them outside and do the things that they’re used to, either.

If your kids are really clamoring to go outside, then here are a few activities to do outdoors that won’t expose them to COVID-19.

A Family Backyard Picnic

Honestly, you could also fit in a family drive-in with the children, but it’s not so cool during the cold weather. As for the backyard picnic, there are many fun activities that could happen alongside it. You can build a snowman or have snow fights. You can choose to have a bonfire at night and roast marshmallows by the warmth of the fire. If the green starts to melt, you can dust off the barbecue and have a roast off with the people at your home. If the snow starts to fall again, of course, you should instead move indoors. This is just one outdoor activity you can do without having to go too far from home.

Take Those Play Dates to the Virtual Realm

There is a way to bring back all those play dates that your children and their friends used to do before the pandemic. All you need is a laptop, Zoom, and a set time when your children and their friends would play. Schedule a time with the parents of their friends — this is even better if the parents are your friends as well. One of you can choose to host the session as the children play. You can even coordinate with the other parents to choose a game that the children would play. It could be a virtual contest of sorts or a game that everyone can participate in without being in the same room.

Compete Online with a Virtual Dance Off

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Not everyone can dance but there’s no kid that dances badly. This can be one of the games your children can participate in during the virtual play date, or it can be a standalone contest. You should set the rules and the prize which, of course, you need to send over through a quick car trip or through a courier. Your children can set this up with their friends and agree on a time and date to do the competition. It’s also a way for them to be in communication with each other without having to go outdoors.

Teach Them About Gardens

There’s also an opportunity for you to make your kids love school. Teach them about food and where it comes from by planting a garden with them. It’s a great way to bring your kids outdoors, and they will know all about science — how plants grow, how they become processed into food, and how natural food is good for your body. You’ll also be able to teach them a little about the basics of science. This is a helpful way of getting your kids advanced lessons, particularly when they’re young and starting school.

Hold Your Own Field Day

Do you remember your own field day? The thrill of competition and the idea of competing together with your parents was such a rush. Even during the pandemic, you can make your child feel that same rush by holding your own field day. There are field day kits that you can buy online or, if you’re feeling a little creative, you can learn to make one of your own. You can do a sack race if you’ve got spare sacks lying around. If you don’t, get a spoon and some eggs for a spoon race. Any kind of ribbon or rope will do for the three-legged race, but these aren’t the only events you can do for the field day.

There are a lot of opportunities to connect with your loved ones during the pandemic so why not grab this chance to be closer to your kids? They can become closer with their friend while they’re far away. Make the effort to think of activities they can do indoors or just out of your home, and they will love you for it.

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