How to Take Care of Your Dog During Quarantine

dog and owner
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Being sensitive to the emotions of our pets can be hard, especially if you are dealing with problems of your own. It is sometimes hard to focus on their needs now that we are in the middle of a pandemic where we fight for our own survival. But pets are living creatures the same as us, and they also have needs that we need to address. As responsible pet owners, it is our job to keep them healthy, safe and happy during these hard times.

Give Them Exercise

The constant lockdown makes it hard for us to take our dogs on their everyday walk. It is one of their routines that have been affected by this ongoing virus. Generally speaking, taking your dog for exercise helps lower their blood pressure and help build their muscles.

Having a regular set time to poo and pee outside also lessens the risk of having urinary tract infections and constipation. If not given regular exercises, your dogs are prone to becoming overweight.

Aside from its health benefits, allowing your dog to exercise also keeps them from being bored. You will notice that when you leave a dog for a period without any physical activity, they will tend to act up and barking, digging on the soil, and chewing on furniture.

Sudden routine changes such as removing their daily walks can also lead to depression. If you want to keep your dog happy while being stuck at home, find the time to play with them. If you have a lawn or backyard, you can let them out for a few minutes so that they will feel a change of environment.

Feed Them Healthy Foods

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It can be tempting to give your dog leftover table food, especially if you are already tired from a long day of work while tending to the whole family’s needs. But being home most of the time should be the perfect opportunity for you to design a healthier diet for your furry friend.

While feeding them pure commercial kibbles is perfectly fine, you can still up to your game by giving them natural and nutritious foods. You can mix tuna, boiled chicken, or pork in with their kibble. You can also up your game by giving them boiled vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, squash, and green beans. Corn and potatoes are also good sources of fiber, minerals, and energy.

Keep in mind that each dog has their own different nutritional needs. A diet that works for one may not work for the other so before making any drastic changes in your dog’s diet, make sure to consult with a veterinarian first.

Give Them Proper Shelter

Though there is no proof that dogs can acquire COVID 19, some owners who are at high risk of contracting the virus have decided to separate their pets to protect their health. If your dog is staying outside of the main house, make sure that they have a proper shelter to protect them from extreme heat and cold.

dog and owner

If you plan on building a kennel, it is best to use stainless or aluminum steel because these materials are not prone to rust. You can also add another protective layer of metal powder coating to prevent corrosion. Since they will be put in a kennel, they must have access to clean drinking water at all times to prevent dehydration.

Make Sure They Take Vitamins

Humans are not the only ones that need vitamins. Your pets also need to take vitamins that will help boost their immune system because if they get sick, it is hard to find an open veterinary clinic because of the lockdown.

One important vitamin that you should give your pet is Vitamin A. It is packed with components that help with immune function, growth, and cell function. B vitamins are also good for them as well as Thiamine which helps in carbohydrate metabolism and energy. Other dog-friendly vitamins are:

  • Vitamin E — good for fat metabolism, cell function, and defense against oxidative damage
  • Vitamin K — helps in your dog’s ability to clot when there is a wound.
  • Vitamin C — has anti-oxidants that help fight harmful free radicals. It also aids in reducing inflammation as well as cognitive aging. Vitamin C is also good for their liver.
  • Choline — supports healthy liver and brain function. Sometimes used to treat dogs with epilepsy.

Our pets are the unsung heroes that continue to help us get through these trying times. Their loyalty and love keep us happy and diverts our attention from the bad things around us. They deserve all the love and care because they’re not just pets but also our best friends.

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