The Different Types of Tattoos

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Tattoos have long been a part of people’s cultural and artistic expressions. Over the years, different types of tattoos have been developed according to function. If you’re interested in becoming a tattoo artist, then here are the various tattoo types that you should know about:


Cosmetic tattoos are also known as permanent makeup. These tattoos are used to enhance certain features of the body, such as the lips, eyebrows, and hair. For the latter, the process is known as scalp micropigmentation, in which tiny needles are used to apply pigment that mimics the look of hair follicles. There are many SMP training centers in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada if you’re interested in this type of tattoo.

In most cases of permanent makeup, light colors are used to resemble cosmetics, creating a natural and beautiful effect. People often go for this type of tattoo as it lessens the need for the application of makeup. Cosmetic tattoos also last longer.


Once you get started as a tattoo artist, your type of art would probably be considered as amateur tattooing. This type of tattoo is characterized by very little detail or artistic quality and skill. Simple drawings, caricatures, symbols, and words are the most common subjects.

Amateur tattoos are often applied by aspiring artists to their friends, family members, or acquaintances. They are done to help individuals to practice their craft. People are also known to apply this to themselves. Different types of pigment are used, ranging from charcoal to pen ink.

Professional modern tattoos

Tattoos done by an established artist or a practiced hand are called professionals. This type of tattoo is further classified into two types: contemporary and cultural.

Licensed artists apply modern professional tattoos in tattoo shops to paying customers. Artists usually use modern equipment, such as a tattoo gun. They observe proper measures for hygiene to guard against blood-borne diseases and other complications. There are different types of tattoo styles, utilizing various colors and designs, depending on the client’s preferences.

Professional tattoo artists undergo intensive training to hone their craft. It takes them years of practice to perfect their styles. Aspiring tattoo artists often perform apprenticeships under established names in the industry to boost their credentials and skills.

Professional tattoos are the most diverge type, with styles and pigments varying from one artist to the next.

Professional cultural tattoos

Cultural tattoos are those applied by elders or artists among their people in ethnic communities, such as tribes. They use time-honored practices that might involve crude methods.

These tattoos are often given to people as a rite of passage or to signify an essential stage in the person’s role in the community. Cultural tattoos showcase events or symbols unique to the group, signifying the individual’s ethnic identity.


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Medical tattoos are used to guide medical professionals in such processes as breast reconstruction and radiotherapy. These tattoos ensure that the medical instrument used would be placed correctly in the intended area. Medical tattoos are also used to hide conditions such as cleft lips and vitiligo, enhancing the appearance of the area to make it look normal.

Some medical tattoos give essential information about the patient, including details about the person’s condition and blood type. These are useful in medical emergencies when people are unable to explain their kind of ailment. Having such a tattoo would lead to more immediate care.

People use tattoos to express their identities or to enhance their features. These types of tattoos have different functions, but they all allow people to use their own skin as a canvas to signify beauty.

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