The Possible Outlook for the Manufacturing Industry in 2020

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The manufacturing industry experienced significant rises and falls in the United States of America. For instance, the Great Recession of 2008 held back the economy for many years, and it took a while for it to recover. Therefore, it is crucial you are aware of any news, forecasts, and trends to know how to prepare your company. Here is some information about the manufacturing industry you should know about.

Slow But Growing

In the industrial output, there was a significant decline in 2019. That is expected to continue until early 2020. Luckily, the second half of the year and to 2021 look brighter for the industry. There will likely be strong growth and recovery by the end of 2020. The manufacturing industry will definitely not go away. From Flordia to Wisconsin, there will always be a need for gear broaching, parts production, food manufacturing, and other manufacturing services.

But due to the decline, experts predict there will be fewer investments in 2020 in the manufacturing industry. Due to things such as political and global economic instability, many companies avoid some capital investments. It is not limited to the US’s economy either — other places such as Latin America and Europe are also not performing well. Despite being a star in the past, even China is experiencing struggles.

AI and Machine Learning

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One of the reasons the manufacturing industry is expected to expand, though gradually, is due to the growing use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). It gives many companies an edge against their competitors while making their operations more efficient and quicker. Even advanced analytics can help the industry increase their profit margins. It can improve many aspects of a company, from customer relations to the factory floor.


Inflation can be tricky for the manufacturing industry to deal with — it can decrease the manufacturing industry’s productivity. Since the costs of some aspects of production will increase, such as power, fuel, wages, and raw materials, the cost of finished products will increase as well. But that could make countries with more affordable labor costs blossom since they can spend less on certain aspects such as wages, which means they can sell their products at a more affordable price. In 2020, the core inflation rate is expected to average at about 1.9%.

Green Manufacturing

Much of the world is focusing on becoming more eco-friendly, and the manufacturing industry is no stranger to that. Many companies are looking for greener alternatives to replace their existing methodologies. While green initiatives can boost a company’s image, these are more than a branding gain. These can help manufacturers save money.

Companies can focus on recycling and sustainability to reduce the overall prices of their manufacturing items. They can be eco-conscious while making a profit. Plus, many companies are switching to sustainable and green forms of energy to run their businesses. Some of those include solar and wind energy.

While it may be a slow year for the manufacturing industry, there is a good chance for it to boom in the later years. As long as the industry embraces technology and positive changes, a manufacturer can expect success in the future.

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