The Value of Lifelong Learning to Your Professional Growth

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The majority correlate learning with the formal education we get from schools and universities. At an early age, we are all told that getting a good education is important to get far in life. Indeed, it is true that formal education increases our chances of finding better-paying jobs and satisfying careers.

Nonetheless, the formal education that we got is just one type of learning. Throughout one’s life, there are plenty of opportunities to expand our knowledge and learn new skills. Whether it is for personal development or professional enhancement, lifelong learning also provides us better opportunities in life.

Lifelong Learning for Professional Development

Being well-educated does not necessarily guarantee you would land a job. Though your qualifications can get you past initial screening, it takes a lot more than that to secure the position. Employers are not only looking for educationally qualified employees but also those who have transferable skills, including eagerness to learn and improve.

If you are unemployed currently, make use of this opportune time to learn something valuable. Acquiring a new set of skills could open a lot of new opportunities that could not have been available. The same suggestion if you are employed right now is to use the free training and mentoring opportunities for continued professional development.

Aside from making you more of an essential employee, engaging in lifelong learning also has its rewards. Expanding your knowledge regarding your work can give you a sense of achievement, resulting in life satisfaction. From a financial standpoint, being a company asset increases your chance of promotion and salary increase.

Inculcating lifelong learning in one’s life is not an easy task, though. While browsing the internet or talking to people could help you learn new things, it takes proactive efforts to have a more organized structure for your lifelong learning efforts. Here are some steps to help guide you.

Pointers in Embracing Lifelong Learning

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Know Your Personal Interest and Goals

Engaging in lifelong learning is not about what others want. It is about your passion and how you see your future. If you are interested in growing career-wise, join seminars and training relevant to your job. If you wanted to expand your creative side in music, enroll in a music academy.

List What You Would Like to Learn

Once you have figured out what interests you, narrow down your goal to what you want to achieve for now. For example, you are an accountant who has a passion for history. You may opt to expand your knowledge by simply reading books or watching docuseries videos. But if the interest is strong enough, you could consider getting a degree instead.

Identify the Resources Available

Figuring out how to get started is perhaps the most crucial in fulfilling any personal goals. Do your research to find out how you can begin your learning journey. Based on the example, if your goal is to get a degree in history, you may start researching universities that offer part-time or online programs. Find out also the enrollment process so you can get started.

Pattern Your Learning Goal with Your Life

It can be discouraging to continue pursuing a new learning goal when you are trying to juggle work and family life. But by taking some time to figure out how to structure your life with your new learning goal, having the best of both (or all) worlds is not impossible. Remember as well to be realistic in creating a new schedule to fit this learning goal.

Be Committed

Lastly, being committed to your learning goal is the most crucial step. Your commitment helps you stay motivated to withstand any difficulties and struggles that come along the way. Make yourself accountable to avoid making up excuses when you feel like quitting from your learning goal.

By embracing lifelong learning, not only are you helping yourself feel more satisfied and motivated, but with your learnings, you can be of help to your company and the society you live in.

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