Top Things Would-be Dog Café Owners Should Know

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Many dog owners normally want to take their beloved pets with them whenever they go out to unwind in amusement parks, malls, and restaurants. However, not all business establishments and public spaces accept dogs, so owners are forced to leave their pets behind.

This indifference of businesses towards dogs and other pet animals occur in many countries, including the U.S. On the other hand, this problem stands a great business opportunity for people who wish to serve this market and make dog owners and their furry friends happy and feel inclusive.

Fortunately, there has been a growing trend globally to open businesses that cater to pets and their owners. In Japan, the Neko No Mise Cat Café opened for business in 2005, which paved the way for similar business ventures worldwide. There are also pet business ideas that entrepreneurs might try their hands on, such as those mentioned on this list.

Now, if you’re eyeing a dog café business, there are first some things you have to know and consider to make it a success.

Here are the top things would-be dog café owners should know:

1. Offer natural dog treats. Dogs love treats

so make sure that your dog café would have lots of them. While there are commercially-available treats, not all of them are natural, which is why you should be the wiser and offer natural dog treats to your clients. Some of the treats you could provide are apples, carrots, green beans and peas, bananas, watermelon, cooked sweet potatoes and squash, berries (strawberry, blueberry), broccoli many others.

2. Have fun activities for clients’ dogs.

Dogs are naturally playful and bursting with pent-up energy, which is why finding themselves out of their owners’ homes get them all rearing to flex their muscles. If you want your dog café to be a hit, be sure to have the needed facilities and spaces for your clients’ dogs to play. The fun activities you could offer include having dog toys, installing a mini obstacle course, and allocating space for them to walk, run, and play with their owners and fellow canines.

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3. Offer a mouth-watering dog food menu.

Aside from simple dog treats, you should offer your clients’ cute dogs an irresistible menu that will surely make their mouths water and their tummies full. You can include ground beef, fish dishes (tuna and salmon), lean chicken or turkey (skin removed and deboned), steamed veggies, and fruits (except grapes).

4. Offer a training class.

If you have an in-house instructor, you could separate yourself from competing cafes by offering short dog-training classes. These special services will ensure that your clients’ dogs will not only enjoy great food and play with other dogs; they will also learn some important skills and improve their relationship with their respective owners. These training classes can last for one or two visits, depending on the program you will design and offer.

Venturing into a dog café business can pose some serious challenges. However, if you follow these suggestions and research about other things, you’ll be good to go and begin working to open your business soon.

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