Trendy and Cool Haircut Styles that Children Can Sport

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Every toddler’s first haircut is undoubtedly a memorable moment that they want to look forward to when they turn adults. If you are a parent, you may have been anticipating this moment and felt a combination of thrill and terror for quite some time now.

Are you planning to bring your toddler to the salon for its first haircut? Here are some hair ideas that hopefully you will fancy.

Trendy Haircuts For Little Girls

The Classic Bob Haircut

Cutting your little girl’s hair into a bob may be the cutest thing that happens to her. This style is perfect for wispy, blonde, and straight hair that is easy to comb and maintain. All you need to do is air-dry it before you let your cutie patootie out the door for another playtime session.

Short Hair with Pink Highlights

Streaks and highlights are not just for teenagers and women. Add some color to your girl’s hair for some fun and exciting touches. Pink strips are also fun highlight colors that will take your little girl’s look to the next level without forcing her to look too adult for her age.

Angled Lob Cut for Little Girls

The angle cut is a modified, more stylish version of a bob cut. Instead, the stylist will cut the bob at an angle for a more fashionable look. Stylists aiming to follow this style should use the best hair cutting shears to cut the hair precisely and at the right angle.

Layered Hair

Shoulder-length haircuts may become too dull and ordinary. Instead, give your cute one’s hair a dimension and shape by adding long layers of the hair’s bottom. Layers will add more bounce and life to your toddler’s hair.

High-low Haircut

If you want a clean, chin-length haircut for your little one, the high-low haircut is the style that you are desire. This longer angular bob is easy to style and thus perfect for the busy mom who is always on the go.

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Trendy Haircuts for Little Boys

Mop Top Cut

The Mop Top is the perfect haircut for little gents with pin-straight hair. To achieve this look, stylists aim for a clean-cut around the ears before adding some longer layers. The result is shaggy and uneven layers that are not too short.

Dapper Side Part

Parents who want to give their toddlers a classic look should go for the dapper side part style. This hairstyle is also best for boys who have thinner, flat hair. Boys with wavier hair can also have this hairstyle but in a more textured fashion. Parents should apply gel our mouse for a stronger hold on the hair strands and emphasize its part to wear this hairstyle proudly.

Short and Spiky

Short and spiky hair is best for the little guy’s everyday, carefree look. Parents can also style it using a gel to emphasize its spikes.

Long and Layered

You may think that the long and layered look and the Mop Top are the same, but they are certainly not. Yes, these two hairstyles are best for pin-straight hair as well as too curly hair. However, stylists create lots of layers and texture when aiming to develop the long and layered haircut.

Beach Waves

This haircut is for parents who neither want too long or too short haircuts for their young lad. The beach waves look suitable for kids blessed with natural thick waves.

There is no right or wrong time to cut your toddler’s hair. It depends on the type of hair your child has. Babies with lots of curls may have their haircuts earlier as curly hair tends to grow sooner than straight hair. Plus, these curls might obstruct your baby’s eye or reach its mouth and hinder it from enjoying food. Meanwhile, if your baby has shorter and thinner hair, cutting it too soon may be unnecessary.

Some hair experts advise waiting until the baby’s first birthday. Don’t be too in a hurry for hair to cover your baby’s head entirely. On the baby’s first six months, the ‘first hairs’ may start to grow and easily fall out. This change is a result of the dropping of hormones after birth.

Some kids may not be ready for their first haircut, and the sight of a pair of scissors may scare them away. Help your kid manage their emotions by introducing the idea of getting a haircut at home. Include the scenario during your kid’s playtime and pretend that you two are in the salon. Using a cape, water spritz, and safety scissors, let your kid prepare for that actual moment.

Ensure that the haircut’s timing falls on days when your kid is happy and in the mood. Before bringing them to the salon, consider feeding them or letting them take a nap. Bring in some positive reinforcements convincing them with their favorite toy, pacifier, a mobile device, or their favorite family member to keep your child calm the entire time.

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