7 Painless Tricks to Make Your Home Absolutely Livable

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A house shouldn’t be just a plain house but a home where family members can spend a great time together and make unforgettable memories. However, turning a house into a family is not an easy task to achieve because it involves planning, funding, and execution.

Throughout the pandemic, a lot of property owners invested heavily in physical changes that made their homes more attractive, safer, and more comfortable. Home improvement activities actually spiked during the crisis, contrary to early projections that such projects would stop due to supply chain disruptions. These improvements are by no means small feats since they involve not just large sums, but also creativity and resourcefulness particularly during the time when supplies were limited.

If you’re planning to embark on your own improvement project and try to make your home more livable soon, then here are seven easy tricks that you should explore:

Invest in a great-quality bed

A good night’s sleep is never negotiable in any household, which is why you should find time to shop for sleep implements that would facilitate restful sleep for your family. For example, you should get a bed that features a dual-zone climate comfort sleep system if you and your significant other have different preferences when it comes to the temperature of the bed you’re sleeping on. There are configurations using similar technology that works for couples with similar temperature needs, as well as for couples where only one wants regulated temperatures for the bed.

Aside from the bed’s temperatures, you should also check its firmness and ensure that it’s neither too hard nor too soft compared to your preferred firmness. It’s also vital to have the perfect firmness if a family member has spinal problems or any physical condition that can be affected by the surface that the family member sleeps on.

Get smart storage solutions

These days, every square inch that you can utilize in a home means getting added value for money at a time when real estate commands premium dollars. If your home has limited space, you should invest in smart storage products that maximize available space in the most clever ways possible.

These consumer products can transform into different furniture pieces, so you’re essentially buying different items for the price of one. Other storage items are extreme space-savers while many are also decorative while being highly functional as well.

Put some greeneries

Plants, especially those meant for indoor places, can make a huge difference in turning any plain and uninspiring space into one that is hugely inviting and livable. As such, be sure to place some indoor plants in your kitchen, living room, entryway, and other areas where you spend time often. If possible, get ones that have air-purifying properties to make indoor air more breathable as well.

Keep clutter away

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Nobody would want to live in a home that is full of clutter. Not only is a cluttered home an eyesore, but it is also a slip, trip, and fall magnet — not a great idea if you’re with small kids or have a senior parent at home. Knowing this, a simple way to make your home safer for everyone is to keep things organized and clutter-free. You can buy smart storage products, discipline every family member to store their things properly each time, and just always be eager to keep everything spic and span inside the house.

Think pleasant scents

Aromatherapy has been used by humans for centuries and for good reasons since certain scents can promote relaxation, stress release, and other therapeutic benefits. There are now a lot of scent-related products available commercially that you can buy, such as essential oils and humidifiers. You should also get some choice scented candles and place them in your bathroom or kitchen to combat strong odors and make the area relaxing.

Mind the lights

Installing mood lights is yet another simple trick to achieve a more livable home without spending too much money. There are many mood lighting products sold online and in many physical stores, so getting the one that would suit your budget and preferences should be a simple affair.

Fire and water should be in

Fire and water are two elements that can transform a drab space into one that is bursting with warmth and positive energy. Water elements such as a pond, fountain, and mini waterfall are known to have a soothing effect while fire elements such as a fireplace and fire bowl can offer a relaxing warm feeling during cold days and nights. Be sure to have at least one each of these two elements to make your home truly livable.

With these simple tricks, a cozier and livable home is well within your reach.

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