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5 signs you require a same-day appointment

In recent times, many dental patients have become worried about visiting their dental surgery.

While dentistry has always been an extremely hygienic practice in the UK, with concerns over COVID-19, many patients and even surgeries have been wary about dental check-ups, leading to many surgeries only offering patients emergency treatment.

At such a time of uncertainty, it can be tempting to overlook that gradually worsening toothache or try to fix that chipped tooth yourself with store-bought filling mixtures. But, as you may have guessed, these are not wise options and while it may seem like it isn’t worth it, you will need to see an emergency dental team.

While many people delay seeing an emergency dentist, these delays can cause further issues in the long-term. Cracks can deepen, cavities can become abscessed, leaving you in discomfort. An emergency dental team will aim to resolve the issue promptly and effectively, allowing you to leave the surgery without pain and with a treatment plan in place.

But what are some of the signs that indicate that you need to see an emergency dentist? Read on to find out.


It goes without saying that the number one reason anyone visits an emergency dentist is due to discomfort in their mouth.

If you notice sudden sensitivity, a throbbing, sharp or burning pain in your mouth that is not resolving and you cannot identify a cause for, you need to see an emergency  team as soon as possible. Discomfort is indicative of many dental issues and requires an urgent assessment.


While dental swelling may or may not hurt, you will need to seek urgent medical attention.

Like the dental pain, a swelling could point to a dental infection, an impacted tooth or even a type of allergic reaction. As soon as you notice swelling on your gums, your jaw or underneath your jawline, contact a dental team for a same-day appointment.


Lost filling or crown

Lost fillings are commonplace in many dental surgeries and with many people unable to attend routine check-ups due to social distancing, they are becoming a frequent reason for a trip to the emergency team.

As soon as you notice that your filling or crown is loose or has gone missing, contact your dental  team for an emergency check-up. Delaying treatment may result in an abscess forming underneath the tooth.

Chips and cracks

Similar to the lost fillings, chips and cracks require immediate repairing to prevent secondary complications from occurring, such as decay or further damage to the tooth.

And as this repair typically involves a composite being placed to conceal the damage, it is pain-free and simple to do!


Oral trauma can occur for many reasons, but if you have recently been in a car accident or another collision which has caused damage to your teeth, you need to see an emergency team.

We will aim to restore any damaged teeth, and complete any procedures to restore complete functionality to your mouth. Perfect!

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