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white teeth
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Teeth whitening by a dentist gives patients confidence in their smile. By ensuring that they physically examine every one of their patients and by identifying the cause of the discolouration, the treatment itself can be more effective.

There are several situations where teeth whitening may not have much effect on the brightness and whiteness of teeth. Such situations include deep intrinsic staining or staining that is caused by a previous dental treatment.

Tooth discolouration can also occur due to certain medications. Teeth do naturally yellow with age as well, which is something that needs to be addressed in a different way. Yellowed teeth from age are caused by the thinning of enamel. By ensuring the correct amount of fluoride is applied to teeth, people can ensure that their enamel does not thin excessively.

Because a tooth whitening treatment is a form of bleach, it can increase the sensitivity of teeth, especially for those that do not have an adequate amount of the protective enamel surrounding the delicate nerves of teeth.

This is why it is so important to consult a professional before doing any at-home whitening treatment. Determining the reason behind the staining is critical in understanding the approach towards treatment and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

It sounds a little intimidating

For most people, whitening teeth will be effective. When completed correctly, individuals can enjoy the many benefits of a brighter and whiter smile without the negative side effects that can occur.

white teeth

Teeth whitening takes as little as an hour of a person’s time, meaning that they can enjoy a lunch time whitening session to feel great for an evening out. There are also home kits available after the initial assessment, so that people can perform this treatment in the comfort of their own home.

What can cause staining to teeth?

Teeth stains are not uncommon. Food and drink commonly stain teeth and by understanding what kinds of substances can have an impact on the colour of their teeth, people can choose to either avoid them, limit their use or be mindful of brushing their teeth after consuming them, to reduce the impact that they can have on the appearance of their smile.

If a substance is likely to stain a person’s clothes, then it is likely it will stain teeth as well. When keeping this in mind, people can begin to recognise the vast amount of food and drink that can impact the brightness of their teeth.

Coffee, tea, tobacco, certain vegetables and fruits, curry and many other spices, beverages and foods are guilty of discolouring teeth over time. By brushing teeth often, using a whitening toothpaste and ensuring that there are appropriate levels of saliva production in the mouth at all times, people can take steady steps towards keeping their teeth brighter and whiter.

For a bigger impact, using a whitening treatment will give them a boost in confidence with the appearance of their smile. After the treatment, caring for teeth is important to ensure that the investment is maintained for as long as possible

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