Welcome Home: How to Effectively Housebreak a Puppy

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Trying to housebreak a new puppy and introduce them to their brand new environment is never easy. Dogs, especially puppies, are full of energy and they would just about try to knock or bite everything inside the house, plus, they are most likely to make your living room (specifically your carpet) their very own bathroom.

Fortunately, puppies are cute and loveable. Also, with the right amount of patience, you can successfully housebreak them and teach them how to behave when inside the house. Below, we will give a few tips when it comes to housebreaking and puppy training in Loxahatchee.

Buy a Crate

If you want to teach your dog or puppy that they would have to wait to go outside when they want to pee or poo, then it would make sense to buy a crate. Get a big one so they’ll be able to move around, as you never want them to feel uncomfortable inside their personal space.

When you think or feel like they have to relieve themselves, then go ahead and let them out for a walk. Puppies will most likely want to pee or poo 15 minutes after eating or drinking, so be mindful of this. This will eventually instil the impression on them that whenever they go out of their crate, they can go to the bathroom.

Punishment is not an Option

Puppies have no sense of punishment, and honestly, most dogs just do not understand the essence of punishment at all. If you punish them for relieving themselves inside the house, they’d only be fearful of you and be more distant, especially if you keep up with it.

The best thing to do if they accidentally relieve themselves inside the house is to interrupt them calmly and take them outside ASAP. This way, you can make them understand that whenever they have to go, they have to wait to go outside.

Introduce Them to Each Space Gradually

After you’ve confined your puppy to his crate, it’s finally time to let him outside of it and introduce him to the whole house gradually. Introduce him to one small room or space first, and then make it bigger as time goes on. This will make him feel less anxious and nervous about his new surroundings, which is important for puppies and new dogs.

Set your Alarm

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You might need to get up multiple times each night to let your dog out and relieve themselves. Puppies have a difficult time controlling their bladder, so you should make their bathroom trips a little bit more frequent. It would pay to set your alarm and get out of bed a couple of times and have your puppy bathroom-trained than to always clean up after them in the morning.

Having a puppy as a companion is very rewarding. You just have to be patient and learn that puppies can be a lot of work, but they truly deserve it, and hey, you’ll be getting lots of doggo kisses and hugs in return!

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