When Pets Get Jealous — Signs and What You Need to Do

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Veterinarians and animal experts often have different opinions on whether pets experience jealousy like how humans would. But one research study suggests that dogs do indeed feel envy, but it might be their instinctual emotion rather than jealousy. However, even if it’s not the same emotion humans feel, when you really think about it, pets do get jealous. ;

Pets become attached to their owners, toys, and other animal companions, and it’s a natural response for them to covet what they deem is theirs. Although it’s nice to know your pet loves you enough to feel envious, having a jealous pet isn’t always a companion you’d want around.

Here are the different signs of jealous pets and what you can do about it.

Getting Your Attention

During your dog’s training for obedience and discipline, they have learned that people love it when they do tricks. After all, their trainers and yourself provide them with treats and praise them when doing various tricks, from rolling over to shaking hands. When they get jealous and become desperate for your attention, you’ll notice them doing several tricks without instructions.

Your pet may also cuddle up extra close to you or suddenly lick your hand and face, which is usually a sign of affection and to get your attention.

Rowdy Behavior

When you find your pet biting or nibbling on you often to get your attention, this can be a sign of jealousy. Getting into fights with your other pets is also a sign of them being envious. Your pet may also exhibit pushy behaviors, and this usually comes in the form of the pet inhibiting other pets or their owners from moving freely. They may even aggressively push their way into a situation demanding your attention.


Doing their ‘Business’ Indoors

Pets can’t express their thoughts and feelings in words. That’s why they do it through actions instead. So, if you see your pet peeing or relieving themselves in places where they shouldn’t, they’re more than likely telling you something or trying to get your attention.

Stopping Jealous Behavior in Pets

If you think you have a jealous pet in your hands, here are some ways to nip this type of behavior in the bud before getting out of control.

  • If you have two pets, avoid giving too much attention to one pet over the other.
  • Have at least two of every toy and pet bed at home.
  • If you have multiple pets, it’s best to provide them with designated spaces to feel relaxed when you place them on “time out.”
  • Ignore your pets when arriving home, so they don’t feel like one is getting more attention than the other.
  • Make a diary or journal to record the cause signs of jealousy to help you manage your pet’s unruly behavior more efficiently.

Addressing issues and managing unwanted behaviors is the key to keeping your pet mentally healthy and happy. When your pet gets jealous, it can affect their mood and overall health. So, familiarize yourself with the signs mentioned and address it fast to ensure their happiness and health long-term. After all, pets just want to feel loved.

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