You Can Stay Healthy Through Your Retirement Years

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Do you know that many people only consider improving their health habits when they reach middle age? For example, when they start to feel less energetic and gain weight in areas where they don’t usually do, it’s the only time they consider improving their diets and adding physical activity as part of their lifestyle.

It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle, but if you want to age well and suffer less age-related illnesses and disease, you need to start now, whatever your age.

Stay Active

You might not be as quick or as flexible as you were in youth, but studies have shown that any activity increases blood flow and brain activity. These could slow the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia, but also increase flexibility and bone density.

You don’t need an active exercise regimen. Older adults who walk regularly and do some form of physical exercise three times a week are more likely to stay healthy and recover quickly from accidents and illnesses.

One of the best examples was Tao Porchon Lynch, who was once the world’s oldest yoga practitioner. She taught yoga, joined competitive ballroom dancing contests, and wildlife conservation. She remained active into her 90s until her death at 103.

A Healthy Diet

It’s almost a cliche, but the way to stay healthy is to make sure that what you’re eating is a balanced meal. Fruits and vegetables should be part of your meals and use less fat, salt, and sugar. You can still eat meat in moderate amounts, but fish is the best source of protein for older adults. Your diet does not mean it should be tasteless, but instead of salt or sugar, use spices and honey to put flavor in your food.

ExerciseBe Sociable

One of the most important things to age well is to connect with more people. Spend time with family and friends so you could stay sharp and more connected with the world. Join a club where you could share your interests with other people. Sometimes, you don’t even need your family to be there. Modern gadgets and computer apps are the best way to stay in touch these days.

Even those who stay in hospice care find it vital to remain connected not only with their family but also their caregivers. Humans are social creatures after all, and sometimes the touch of another human being is enough to help us feel well. There is nothing wrong with being alone, but independence sometimes results in loneliness.

Keep Learning

Many older adults know the value of work and learning, and they use it to remain active and healthy. If you like gardening, make it your physical activity and as a way to learn about plants and gardening methods. If you prefer games, use a puzzle, a board game, or even a crossword to sharpen the mind.

In the end, you should remember that growing old does not mean the end of an active life. It’s another chapter that provides new insights, experiences, and opportunities to fulfil your dreams.

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