7 Ways to Spoil Your Pet Dogs At Home

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One of the many joys of having a dog is being able to pamper them and express your love for them in fun ways. If you’re looking to give your furry friend extra love and attention, here are seven ways you can spoil them at home.

Give Them A Special Area and Fill It Up With Doggy Furniture

Whether it’s a closet or a carport customized by professional roof installers, nothing says ‘pampered,’ like a designated dog area for your pup. Fill the special place with comfortable dog nurture like a stylish wooden dog bed and soothing decor, such as their favorite blanket and toys — lots of them.

Special Food

Just like humans, dogs also have their cravings for treats now and then. So, what better way to spoil your pup than giving them special food? For instance, during warmer days, give your dogs delicious frozen treats to cool off and have fun eating. Consider stuffing hollow chew toys with peanut butter and placing them in the freezer for a few hours before letting your dog enjoy the special treat.

Regular Exercise — but at a Different Scenery

Although your dog needs physical exercise daily, a walk around the neighborhood won’t be enough if you want to spoil your dog. Spruce up your dog’s regular exercise routines by bringing them to a change of scenery, like going on a hike or going to the local dog park. Doing this allows them to enjoy all the new enriching smells and explore the world more.


There’s no better way to spoil your dog than taking them to the groomers. However, before giving your dog a fun new makeover, schedule a soothing massage for them beforehand. Doing this makes them feel more relaxed, reducing their stress and anxiety while boosting their immune system before getting the fresh-cut they need, making your pup look better and feel better.

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Buy Them Lots of Toys

Heading to a pet store with your dog can be a fun social outing for them, providing new sights and smell that stimulates their minds and allows them to socialize. Plus, your dog can participate in filling your shopping cart. There are numerous types of dog toys, from squeakers to chew toys, making it challenging to see which ones your pup would like the best. So, rather than guessing what your furry friend might enjoy, let them explore the store and see which toys they gravitate towards the most.

Go On An Adventure

It can be exhilarating for a dog to visit new places. After all, they get to smell new things, meet new friends, and experience more of the world. Take your pup on a car ride, visit your friends with other pets, or visit dog-friendly businesses for free treats. No matter where you go, your dog will surely appreciate the gesture, exciting their senses, assisting in their development, and, most importantly — allowing them to have fun.

Enjoy Good Music and Cuddles

Classical music has proven to have calming effects on dogs, with a research study backing this by revealing dogs in rehoming centers’ significant decrease in stress levels when played with the soothing tunes. Relax with your pup by playing Beethoven or Bach in the background while cuddling with them on the couch.

There are many things you can do to show your dog how much you love and appreciate them — and the ways mentioned are just examples of fun ways you can spoil them without overindulging, giving you a happy and healthy pup.

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