Babies and Dog Allergies: Eight Things You Can Do Before Giving up Your Dog

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Would you file for divorce if your spouse doesn’t quit smoking? Will you leave a happy marriage because your spouse cannot control his/her smoking habits? Not likely, right? It’s the same thing with pet allergies and babies. Most parents rightfully feel that it is their responsibility to protect their babies from all kinds of things that might harm them. That includes their allergic reactions to pets. If your baby has an allergic reaction to dogs, will you get rid of your trusty Labrador retriever? The same Labrador retriever that has been with you through many of your ups and downs?

Before you try to find a new home for your furry pet, exhaust all possibilities. Find out how you can keep your baby safe and your furry friend with you. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t co-exist. Even in extreme cases, your dog can stay in the doghouse outside to keep pet dander away from the house.

Also, make sure that your dogs are the culprit to your kids’ allergies. For all you know, their skin may be reacting to other than pet dander. It’s best to see a dermatologist or even an allergologist to check what could be causing your kids’ reactions.

Keep Pets Out of the Nursery

In most cases, keeping the pets outside the nursery room is enough precaution. Make your child’s room a pet-free zone. Keep it clean. Vacuum the carpets regularly. Remember to change the filters in the HVAC system, as well as the ones in the air purifiers. This will keep the indoor air clean and safe for the babies.

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can remove allergens from the air. Make sure to choose an air purifier that says it can remove pet dander from the air. A device that uses HEPA filters is the most effective choice for homeowners. These can reduce the severity of your kids’ allergies as they remove toxins, contaminants, and other allergens from the room.

Clean the HVAC System

When was the last time you had your HVAC system checked? Make sure to change the air filters regularly. You should clean the filters once a week. Also, consider installing an air purifier system in the HVAC system. This will help in purifying the air that the system expels into your room.

Wash and Groom Your Pets Regularly

Regular grooming will reduce the amount of pet dander in your pets. Wash and groom them regularly. Do this outside the house and as far away from your door and windows as possible. You should also cut your dog’s fur to keep them from shedding inside the house.

Consider Moving Your Pet Outside

Instead of giving your pet away, why don’t you consider moving it outside the main house? You can build a doghouse in your backyard. At first, your dog might feel bad about being banished from the house. But once it adapts to this new situation, it will find that staying outdoors is more fun than indoors.

Do Regular Cleaning of the House

If you’re cleaning your house once every two weeks, you are the culprit and not your dog. Kids with allergies tend to react to dust and dirt easily. Make sure that your house is squeaky clean before letting your kids roam around it. Vacuuming the carpets and washing the curtains regularly will prevent pet dander from accumulating. You may want to invest in a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

washing hands

By now, washing your hands should be ingrained in your identity. It is one of the few things that people learned in the last months. Frequent handwashing will not only save you from contracting the coronavirus, but it will also prevent allergic reactions from your babies. Sometimes, the single act of touching your dog and then your kid can cause a severe reaction. So even though your dog is staying away from your kids, the fact that you’re not careful can still put your baby’s life in jeopardy.

Go for Hard Finishes

Instead of carpets, curtains, and drapes, consider going for hard finishes such as wood flooring, vinyl or wood blinds, and leather for your upholstered furniture. Pet dander can get trapped in the fabric of carpets and drapes. You can’t always wipe and clean these surfaces, so it’s best to invest in hard finishes as these are better for people with pet allergies.

Don’t give up on your pet. You can try these things first before placing them in another home. Even if it is a loving home, there is still no reason to give your pets this kind of heartbreak if there are alternatives.

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