Closet Upgrade: When Should You Let Go of Your Things?

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Facing the pandemic nowadays means staying at home and being comfortable in our pajamas. Many people opted to be cozy while working or studying from home. That is to compensate for the stressors and uncertainties that the pandemic has brought upon us.

Being in pajamas or house clothes most of the time may have left our “outside clothes” dusty in our closets. We have not been using them much since the start of the pandemic except for the occasional video meetings and essential errands. Is this good for our clothes? Perhaps we need to wash some clothes from time to time to prevent them from getting too dusty in the closet. Although we haven’t been using them much, we still need to keep them in good condition the next time we need to use them.

How should we keep our clothes from looking old as we continue lounging in our pajamas every day?

Keep Your Closet Looking Hot

During this pandemic, some of us may want to keep our wardrobe updated despite not being able to go out as much as we would like to. Although we may have our occasional video meetings for work or virtual classes for school, most of the time, we are left living in our jammies as we stay at home.

Given this situation, you should still consider cleaning out and maintaining your closet in good condition despite the lack of use of your clothing. You could do this by washing them now and then to prevent dust build-up that could stain or discolor light-colored fabric. For those who use dryer vents for their clothing, you could contact a dryer vent cleaning service if your dryer has started having build-ups through time.

While it’s good to keep your clothes clean, there is another way to keep your wardrobe updated. Why not try decluttering your closet during your free time? This could free up space in your closet for new and stylish finds! By freeing up your wardrobe of old or unwanted clothing, you can organize your closet better because of the extra space you will be having.

Does a piece of clothing still spark joy? In tidying up your closet or any other part of your home, you could try the KonMari method that was made famous by Marie Kondo. This will allow you to determine if a specific item still serves a purpose in your life or if it should be discarded or given away instead to make way for new things in your life.

As you declutter your closet through the KonMari method, you can opt to donate unwanted but still usable clothes to charities or organizations. You can also try to sell these online if you find that they would be worth quite a lot.

When you declutter your closet, there are some things that you should consider before putting that specific item in the discard pile.

Decluttering Your Wardrobe


Before you declutter your wardrobe, you should be prepared to, indeed, get rid of any extra clothing you may have. This may entail emotional preparedness for fashion-enthusiasts because of the major attachment they may have had with certain pieces of clothing. Ensure that you are completely prepared to let go of some items before segregating your clothing into various boxes.

You should ask yourself questions before you decide to discard or keep an item in your closet. What are these questions that you need to ask?

The first thing you should consider is the fit of the item of clothing. Does it currently fit you? Will you be able to fit in those jeans, for example, in the next few weeks or months? Do you need a drastic lifestyle change before you can fit in that shirt again? If this is the case, you may want to rethink keeping those items. You want your closet to be updated and stylish. You wouldn’t want your wardrobe to be a reminder of “what you should look like,” but, instead, your wardrobe should be a source of flattery for your figure.

The next thing to consider is if you wear it, even before the pandemic has started. We buy things that we only purchase because they look pretty or because of an impulsive decision. Not all items we buy serve an actual purpose in our lives. Learn to distinguish these items so that you can make the right choices in discarding or keeping certain things in your closet.

Does that specific piece of item work with many other items in your closet? Some pieces of clothing may require you to purchase additional new items to match it with. This may not be the most practical way of maintaining a bit in your wardrobe. Reconsider if the thing is worth keeping.

While our wardrobes may have been stagnant in recent months, they may still have been serving us well, depending on our relationship with clothes. Some of us may treasure clothing more than others. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to check the current items in our closet to make sure we are making the most out of each piece we have.

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