Looking for Safe and Educational Toys in the Market

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The pandemic forced many businesses to close around the world. But some industries thrived despite the health crisis that forced people to stay indoors. One of these industries is the toy industry. Toy sales saw an increase of 16 percent in 2020 from 2019. The month of May saw the biggest surge as it went up by nearly 40 percent.

One of the biggest factors in this increase in toy sales was the closure of schools around the country. Parents had to find something to keep the children busy at home while they were also working from home.

Some parents also saw the value of toys in the development of their children. They started to appreciate a child-led play that allowed the children to grow and learn at their own pace. The parent supported the children whenever necessary. Otherwise, they allowed the children to take the lead.

Looking for Safe Toys

Even as the children played on their own, parents need to ensure their safety, especially the younger ones who have yet to form the concept of danger. This makes it essential for parents to make sure they look for toys that are not only good for the development but also safe for them to play with.

It is also important for parents to note that children who are three years old and younger have a habit of putting things into their mouths. Due to this, it’s best to look for toys with no small parts that they can swallow. Parents should also check the age guidelines of the toys before buying them for their children. Additionally, parents should let toddlers play close to them while working to supervise them.

When looking for toys, parents should consider the guidelines set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These guidelines ensure the children are safe when they’re playing with the toys. Some guidelines require fabric toys to have a label showing they are flame retardant or flame resistant. Stuffed toys should also be washable, while art materials should be nontoxic. Parents should also make sure the toys are always clean.

Toys Suitable for the Age

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Parents should also consider that they should choose toys that are suitable for the age of their children. As indicated earlier, parents should avoid giving toddlers toys that have small components since they tend to swallow small objects. Parents should also set limits to the exposure of children to electronic toys and video games. These toys can affect the health and development of children.

Additionally, parents should also limit the toys they’ll give their children. The children will find it challenging to focus on a toy, especially if the parents want their children to learn something by playing with a toy. Instead, the parents can rotate the toys the children can play with every week. Following the guidelines set by the CPSC is also another way for parents to give their children toys that are appropriate for their age.

Aside from the age, the parents should also take into account the habits and temperament of their children. Some children are more advanced than other children of their age. Due to this, they may look for other toys that are appropriate for older children. So, parents should take this into account when looking for toys for their children.

Educational Toys

While some toys label themselves as educational, they are designed mainly to entertain the children rather than built to encourage creativity. Even with this, some companies have made a conscious effort in providing educational content for children. The content these companies produce is tied to their products. This allows them to sell merchandise by marketing them through educational content.

However, some smaller toy manufacturers have focused on offering educational toys. These toys help develop the fundamental skills of children. These toys also encourage creativity, imagination, and skills in problem-solving. Additionally, these toys help in the development of fine motor skills among children.

Some of these small toy manufacturers have a supplier of injection molding products to allow them to produce affordable toys that parents may want to get for their children. They are typically made of plastic, making them easier to clean than toys made of fabric. Due to this, they may be good options for parents who are still looking for toys that are not only entertaining but educational as well.

Looking for a safe and educational toy is challenging. But it is not impossible since many small toy manufacturers have entered the market after the toy industry thrived during the pandemic.

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