Detox Naturally with the Right Diet and Activities

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Everyday life exposes you to high levels of toxicity (literally and figuratively). These toxins can accumulate in your body — increasing the amount of free radicals that cause various damage to your body. Fortunately, a little detox can rid your body of these toxins — and it doesn’t have to involve any medication.

You Are What You Eat

Most of the toxins in your body are ones you put in there yourself. Preservatives from processed foods, unhealthy fast food, chemicals in sodas and alcohol — you don’t have anyone else to blame for those toxins.

Smoking is another way to increase the number of free radicals in your body. It also damages your collagen, making you age prematurely. Of course, not everyone smokes — but almost everyone eats unhealthy food.

Try to cut down on processed food and stay clear from fast-food chains. Cook at home and buy food items that are organically grown and sourced locally. Drink lots of water — preferably distilled. There are too many chemicals in the water nowadays so straight tap water might increase the toxicity of your body.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants like berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts, chocolate, coffee, and tea. Eat a meal with broccoli, onions, or garlic at least once a week — they contain trace amounts of sulphur that increase the glutathione in your body (a natural antioxidant) and flush away heavy metal that accumulates in your system.

Sweat Things Out


One way to fast track your body’s detoxification is by sweating it out. Exercise forces your body to sweat — expelling toxins in your system along with it. Regular exercise will also raise your endorphin levels, which helps in regulating your mood. A detox yoga session will have a similar effect, but would be easier for those who are older or suffer from an injury.

The increased blood flow in your system also allows your organs to flush out toxins. Of course, too much exercise can hamper your detox, especially dietary ones. Exercise puts a bit of pressure on your body — so ease up a bit if you’re making changes in your diet.

Regular exercise also allows you to sleep better. Sleep is a period where your body shifts from a catabolic (destructive) to an anabolic (restorative) state. It allows your body to heal and restore itself and process toxins for expulsion at the same time.

Take Periodic Cleanses

Toxins accumulate every day from the food you eat, the air you breathe, or even the chemicals you apply on your skin. Periodic cleanses are essential if you want to keep your body healthy.

Detox with a yoga retreat and take a break from your unhealthy lifestyle and the stress of the world. Getting away from everything and taking time to focus on yourself — while eating healthy and practising yoga — will reduce both physical and mental stress which you’ve accumulated.

A little meditation can keep you centred and mingling with like-minded people can give you the motivation to continue living a healthy life.

Don’t let toxins ruin your body. Keep your body clean from toxins by choosing what you put in it, expelling toxins through exercise, and taking regular detox retreats once every few months.

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