Five Service Professionals Every Homeowner Should Have on Speed Dial

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Taking care and maintaining your home aren’t just about spending money on it. You also need to find reliable service professionals to fix things around the house—whether it be the electrical lines, plumbing system, septic system, and many other things. You will be surprised how difficult it is to find someone who can service your home as soon as you call them. That’s why it’s important to maintain a good relationship with them. You must have their numbers on speed dial so that you can contact them as soon as problems in your house occur.

For example, you should have a central air conditioning repairman in Provo or other cities in your phonebook. How hard would it be for you and the family to sweat around the house during summer when you realize your central air-conditioning unit is broken? You’ll need someone to repair the unit immediately so that everything can be back to normal.


Everyone needs a handyman. This person is someone who can fix mundane things around the house. Did your garage door become unhinged? A handyman can fix that for you. If you have roof problems, you can call a handyman to check what’s wrong with it, too. A handyman can clean the debris off your roof and around the backyard. If you buy a piece of furniture but don’t know how to build it, you can call a handyman to assemble it for you.


Probably one of the most important service professionals you’ll have on speed dial is a licensed electrician. Faulty lines can lead to fire and property damage, as well as the loss of lives. You should call an electrician the moment your electricity becomes a problem. It’s not only for your protection but also for the protection of your neighbors and their properties.



Water damage can be caused by either structural problems to the plumbing system or natural disasters. If it’s the latter, you should call a plumber immediately to help deal with the problem. A plumber will check if there are clogs and leakages in your plumbing system so that these could be addressed as soon as possible.

A plumber will also be responsible for your septic system (if you have one). A sewage backup is a major problem. You should never let it get out of hand.

Cable and Internet Provider

What would life be without the Internet? Cable and Internet service providers usually partner with servicemen from local areas to help with repairs and maintenance. You should know who to call if your Internet and cable signal drops.


Finally, a locksmith will help you secure your home. Some locksmiths also dabble into digital security systems. You can have one installed for your home to secure your family and valuables. Homeowners usually call a locksmith when they lose their keys and need to have their locks changed.

Make sure that you have these numbers on speed dial. You’ll have to call a technician the moment you encounter a problem in your home. Also, you must maintain a good relationship with these people so that they will willingly help you with your household problems.

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