Why Growing up with a Dog Is Great for Children

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Raising a child is difficult as it is. You are assuming a horde of responsibilities, after all. You need to get your kid well-fed. You need to make sure that their clothes are clean at all times, even if that means making your washing machine and dryer work extra hard and not forgetting to clean the dryer vent even just once a year. You need to maintain a safe and loving house for your kid if you want them to turn into well-adjusted adults. Yes, parenting is no easy feat.

And moms and dads might think that adding a pet, a dog, for instance, into the equation further complicates the situation. But that does not have to be the case. In fact, a dog can be your best ally when it comes to raising your child. Here are a few of the benefits of raising your kid with a doggo by their side.

Develops your kid’s sense of responsibility

Ideally, you do not assume all the responsibility toward the family dog. If your kid’s old enough, get them involved in raising your pet. They can prepare the dog’s food. Or maintain the content of your dog’s water bowl. They can even train your dog to follow basic commands. Even tricks to entertain your guests with.

These will develop your kid’s sense of responsibility. They will learn from an early age that there are things they could do and do well. And that they must always step up when they are able in the first place.

Reduces the possibility of common respiratory problems

Some parents do not want to expose their kids to pets like fluffy doggos lest fur and dander trigger respiratory problems or allergic reactions among these children. However, some experts believe that kids with furry pets at home are actually less likely to suffer from asthma or allergies compared to those deprived of pets.

Maybe that’s something we can attribute to how our body learns to adapt to our surroundings. Early exposure to allergens from dog fur, for example, might give the body’s immunity a boost.

Keeps your kid active

Dogs love to stay active. These days, most kids are in front of a tablet, playing the most recent trendy game. A kid with a canine companion will have no choice but to go out of the house from time to time to play with their doggo.

That’s like shooting two birds with one stone. You know both your dog and your kid get the exercise they need. These bonding moments will also reduce your kid’s susceptibility to anxiety and mood swings since they get to use all their surplus energy.

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Encourages your kid to be kind

All parents want their kids to be kind. And there’s no better way to make sure that happens than raising your kid with a dog. Your kid will learn patience. That’s most true if your dog is going through one of its doggy moods, where it refuses to eat or drink or play fetch.

Instead of losing their cool, your kid will probably be more concerned. And that’s your clue that they are beginning to take kindness to heart. And the best kind of kindness is one directed to something you don’t totally understand.

Boosts your kid’s social skills

Some people have emotional support dogs by their side at all times. These dogs reduce their anxiety and make it easier for them to socialize. Even if your kid is not suffering from a severe condition such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they will still benefit from having a canine companion.

Every time your kid goes out with your dog, chances are some random stranger who’s also into dogs will interact with them. That allows your kid to practice their social skills. And that’s something that will come in handy in the future.

Improves the bond between family members

Families that share a dog have a closer bond. That’s because they all share a common object of affection. They shower love and attention to a creature that’s completely reliant upon each member of the family. That is an emotional link that will not be easy to tear apart.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to consider bringing home a dog to raise with your kid or kids. Trust us that this decision is something you won’t regret. Here you have a choice between buying from a breeder and rescuing a pup from an animal center. Please prioritize a rescue pup. That way, you’re also teaching your kid about humane ways of raising pets. That’s a lesson that won’t be covered in school.

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