Home Maintenance: Understanding the Dos and Don’ts

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Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place that is not only comfortable but well maintained? Sadly, it has it is not always the case. The lack of time, resources, and information is why most homes are not maintained. But to neglect, it is even costlier.

Here is the average amount Americans spend annually on home maintenance

  •  34% of American homeowners spend at least $5,000 for unexpected home repair
  • 1 to 4 % will be spent annually by homeowners on maintenance and repairs, increasing as the house gets older.

The truth is that spending on home repairs and maintenance can be avoided if you pay attention to the symptoms you have been ignoring. Knowing the don’ts in home maintenance will save your hard-earned money.

Don’ts of Home Maintenance

1. Delaying maintenance

This is one of the major mistakes you commit when it comes to maintaining your house. You tend to believe that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Wrong. Neglecting small cracks, paint peel-offs, and busted lamps can lead to bigger expenses. $1 spent on home maintenance can save you up to $100 in repairs.

A clogged gutter is one of the most neglected parts of the house that needs regular maintenance. The onset of the rainy season can cause your gutter and drainage to get clogged due to a pile of leaves and other debris during summer. So don’t procrastinate; check it now before your house gets flooded.

2. Doing it solo

You would want to impress your partner with your DIY repairs. However, some repairs require professional handling. While YouTube is a good source of tutorials for most house repairs, consider the damage you might incur to your property.

3. Ignoring your HVAC

A well-maintained HVAC  (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)assures a comfortable home. Immediately attend to it for any sign of leaks, strange smells, or power fluctuations. Use aluminum tapes that are stronger and easier to apply instead of duct tapes.

4. Neglecting your fireplace

A gas-powered fireplace may not warm your house as much as an old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace can. However, consider the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain your conventional fireplace. Besides, creosote causes health issues like damaged vision, irritation to the lungs, and inflammation of the nose, throat, and mouth. Thus, on the first sign of a malfunctioning fireplace, furnace repair is highly recommended.

5. Use of damaging chemicals as cleaning materials

You might find them cheaper, but if you misuse them, they can cause more harm than good. Among them are.

  • Liquid drain cleaner
  • Magic erasers
  • Vinegar

Now that you know the don’ts in-home maintenance, the next best thing to do is avoid them? How do you do that?  Here is a list of dos in home maintenance to spare you from committing the same mistakes

Dos of Home Maintenance

furnace repair

1. Be proactive

Investigate at first sight of a problem. Small cracks should is a warning that something is faulty. Set a fixed schedule to check your property for leaks, cracks, drafts, clogs, etc. Immediate action is worth a thousand dollar savings. Conducting an energy audit will help you figure out where you are losing the most energy.

 2. Cut down on expenses

Most homeowners tend to invest in branded and expensive structures and furniture. It is understandable as everyone is entitled to utmost comfort. However, it is wiser to invest in visible improvements that can increase the value of your property later on. You can make sizable improvements on the following.

  •  tile
  •  flooring
  • new windows
  • marble
  • kitchen
  • additional bathrooms

The expense of house maintenance must not exceed 10% of the total purchase amount. After all, house maintenance is mandatory in most states.

3. Hire a professional and skilled maintenance team

Settle for experienced maintenance workers. The cost be might be higher, but the quality has its price. Enlist at least three maintenance companies and compare their previous projects, cost, and time in completing those projects. You can crowdsource through referrals and recommendations of their previous clients.

4. Check for pest and termite infestation

If you notice blisters, hallowed or damaged woods, it is an indication that your home is infested with mites. Contact a termite control company immediately. Ask for their certifications, licenses, and training.

5. Clean immediately easy to clean areas

Doing regular and spot cleaning can do a lot in maintaining your home. The following can be done daily or periodically to avoid lumping all tasks into one day

  • wiping  kitchen count
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • mowing the lawn
  • dusting off the furniture
  • mopping the floor

Everybody dreams of living in a cozy, comfortable, and well-maintained house. After all, blood, sweat, and tears were shed to make it a reality. Therefore, will you allow your dream house to crumble before your eyes due to failure to maintain it.? Or you can save it by following the dos and don’ts suggested here. It will not only save you from costly repairs, but it will also spare you from stress.

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