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Some people can be put off from straightening their teeth, because they are uncertain whether they are comfortable with wearing traditional braces for a couple of years. This is especially true for working professionals, who feel like they may be compromising their career in the short term for the long term benefits that this treatment provides.

If an individual needs to maintain a professional appearance and feels like metal wires and brackets on their teeth just won’t be suitable, then perhaps invisible braces in Clapham is an option to consider.

There are a range of different devices now available to people who need to straighten their teeth, so by speaking with their local dentist about what options are suitable for them, patients can begin to consider the different choices that are actually available to them.

Dentists understand the desire for a treatment plan that is flexible and suits their patients’ lifestyles, so they have delivered. Whether it is for mild cases or for more complex conditions, there are a range of different devices that will be able to straighten teeth quickly and effectively.

Let’s discuss these different models

woman wearing bracesFirstly, it depends on whether the patient and dentist are looking to choose fixed or removable braces. Fixed braces tend to work faster and are often desirable for people with more complex conditions. They are a little more work however, as a patient needs to brush their teeth using a special device, watch what they eat and must frequent the dental practice to have them tightened.

This method does give the dentist more control so can be preferable for a number of reasons. Fixed devices do not need to be obvious in the mouth, in fact, a fixed device is one of the only truly invisible options available.

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Lingual braces are fixed to the back of the teeth so when a person smiles they are not visible at all. They are only suitable for some cases, so if this is a device that sounds appealing, a patient should speak with their dentist about it so that they can be considered.

Traditional braces that are fixed to the front of the teeth can also be practically invisible, should the materials be tooth coloured. Often, the brackets are ceramic in these instances, making them more delicate, however this is not a concern for many adults who are looking for a discreet option to straighten their teeth.

Removable options are generally favoured, as they are easy to use and do not need a lot of monitoring to ensure success. Patients can take it under their own direction to apply the next set of trays every couple of weeks. Because there is not much consultation at the dental practice needed, patients can enjoy freedom and flexibility not often seen during the teeth straightening journey.

It is important to follow the guidelines, such as to wear the device for a minimum of 20 hours every day so that they can perform as expected to deliver the discussed results. Occasional check-ups do ensure that the process is working as it should.

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