How Much Should You Pay for Lawn Fertilization in Provo?

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Homeowners in Provo should expect to spend from $50 to $95 to use organic fertilizers on their lawns but most people spend $72.

The price may already include products for tree fertilization. In Utah County, the average cost of organic fertilizers tends to be similar in most cities. You should consult a tree-care company before choosing any type of fertilizers. Professional labor fees can account for more than half of the average cost of lawn fertilization in Provo. As an example, fertilizing a 1,282-square-foot lawn will require around $32 for the organic materials and $42 for two hours of professional work.

How Prices Vary

While rates are generally similar in Utah County, the actual cost of fertilizing a lawn will not just depend on square footage and cost of labor. The frequency of applications and additional treatments will also affect the overall price. Since Provo has seasonal weather, you need to fertilize your lawn at least eight times per year or once every 45 days.

Based on these numbers, it can be exhausting to do the work by yourself. This is especially true when you need to do additional work such as lawn aeration, tree trimming and pruning, and other maintenance tasks. You can negotiate a reasonable rate with a contractor if you plan on hiring them for recurring work.

Why You Need an Expert

Some people believe that applying fertilizer is just as simple as digging holes and putting it in the soil. On the contrary, you need to use special tools to avoid damages to your property. If you choose to put chemical fertilizers, a contractor will be more skilled to handle it with care. You can be seriously ill from mishandling toxic chemicals.

Organic fertilizers are a safer option but knowing the right choice for flowers and plants can be confusing. Lack of knowledge can be harmful as well, such as putting too much or too little in the soil. The same situation may happen for fertilizing trees, which is why you should just leave the work to an expert.

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Pros and Cons of Organic Fertilizers

While you shouldn’t apply fertilizers by yourself, you don’t need to ask an expert to know the basic advantages of using organic products. Natural fertilizers have different varieties that can contain animal manure, plants and seaweed. You should also expect to pay more for using an organic fertilizer compared to synthetic ones.

Plants generally need 13 nutrients for property growth. These consist of the following:

• Potassium

• Nitrogen

• Phosphorus

• Magnesium

• Sulfur

• Copper

• Boron

• Zinc

• Chloride

• Iron

• Manganese

• Molybdenum

Synthetic fertilizers may be cheaper but remember that these can be harmful to other microorganisms that are beneficial for plant growth.


Hire a bonded, licensed and insured contractor to guarantee the level of service and reduce the risk of property damage to your lawn. A service provider with a surety bond also provides you with liability protection. You can also claim compensation against the bond if you can prove the contractor’s inability to perform or complete the required work.

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