Ideas to Build a Tiny Meditation Space at Home

Meditation at home
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After spending long hours at work, you’ll need some place where you can recharge and feel ready again to face new challenges. That’s why your home should always be that special place that offers a calm and soothing environment. To truly feel relaxed, you need to surround yourself with the things you love, the colors that evoke positive emotions, and family photos and other mementos that allow you to reminisce your fondest memories.

But if you really want to up your game, consider creating a special corner or even a tiny room in your home specifically for getting rid of all your stress and anxiety. Meditation is an excellent way to achieve just that. You can clear your mind and focus on positive feelings. Even without having to go all the way to a studio, you can improve your meditation practice at home by having a space surrounded by comforting decors and well-though-of design details. You can do this to your ceiling and down to the wooden flooring of your home in Orange County or any other county.

While there are no specific rules when it comes to creating a meditation space, you can draw inspiration from the ideas below.

Go for Softer Shades

Bright and bold colors are certainly more fun and show more personality, but there’s something special about pastel hues that truly allow you to concentrate and feel relaxed. Meditation involves a lot of activities that require you to close your eyes, but it’s still important to get that soothing feel in the space you’re in as soon as you sit on your mat. Be on the lookout for cushions and other home decors or accessories in pastel shades, which will improve your meditation experience.

Bring Nature Into Your Space

It has been proven that nature has that soothing and healing appeal that seeps into the soul. So, for that improved meditation practice, take some element of nature and bring it into your chosen space. Consider getting something that symbolizes each of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Doing so allows you to create a universal balance in your meditation space. This doesn’t have to be too elaborate, however. A simple plant or a vase filled with cut flowers may all be what you need.

Take it Outdoors

Outdoor meditiation

If you don’t have enough space at home or just couldn’t find the right corner, consider taking your space outside. This may just be a perfect choice, as the outdoors allow you to soak up the sun, enjoy the sounds of birds chirping, and feel the cool breeze and relaxing wind blowing through the trees. If you have a small balcony, that could certainly work, but be sure to get only waterproof materials and other pieces that you can leave outdoors. Using a fragrance can help, whether you use incense sticks, aromatic candles, or essential oils. Don’t forget to add these to your must-have list.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to make a shrine or an altar to create a comfortable space at home. A simple, relaxing corner is all you need.

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