How to Talk to Your Family About Preplanning Your Funeral

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Funerals are usually a touchy topic in any family. People are often in denial about the inevitable fact of life and reluctant to discuss the logistics of preplanning a funeral. Still, preplanning your funeral is a great idea in many ways. It will be beneficial to your family as well as they will not be left scrambling to deal with the large amount of responsibility that befalls in the event of passing away. Here are some pointers on how to talk to your family about this delicate issue.

Choose an appropriate time and location

When you broach the subject of preplanning your funeral, make sure that you choose an appropriate time and location for the discussion. Give your family ample warning that you are about to discuss a serious issue. Do not try to spring it on them in an unexpected moment. Many people have reservations, trauma, and anxiety to overcome when it comes to the topic of death. A casual family dinner is not the right time or place to bring something like this up out of the blue. To prepare your family, tell them what you wish to talk about, and let them know that you would appreciate their presence and input. Make sure to have something planned to lighten the mood after.

Try to be respectful of their feelings

Be prepared to have a difficult discussion if necessary. Conversations like this do not always go smoothly; people can get quite emotional, which is completely understandable. What might seem logical to you might not be so straightforward for your children to come to terms with. Instead of getting frustrated, be respectful of their feelings. Explain where you are coming from, and try to show them some of the benefits of doing this. Tell them that you are there to talk about any feelings they might want to discuss, and be available emotionally and in person.

Include them by letting them participate

It is a nice gesture to let your family know that they are welcome to give you any suggestions for preplanning your funeral. After all, the funeral is as much for them as it is a celebration of your life. Ask them if they have any preferences such as when it comes to the music, casket, or catering. They will feel reassured and not isolated if they are allowed to participate. You can also ask them for suggestions of funeral homes for preplan funerals in Ogden, and you can go out as a family to make your final selection.

Set everything in writing

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After making all the plans, it is important to set the main points down in writing. Decisions like this take a long time, and writing down the important steps make it easier to execute them. Any suggestions that you may accept will also not be forgotten if you write everything down as they are being discussed.

Funeral planning is not an easy task, but it is a necessity and a thoughtful thing to do for your family. It should be an activity that brings the family closer together if done right.

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