Why Employees Should Take Breaks Every Day

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Every employee wants to perform at their best when they’re at work. They often work for long hours, accepting more projects, and rarely even takes a break. But the truth is that “work hard” attitude is only putting them at risk. Employees who think that working for long hours means that they are excelling in their work is entirely wrong. Unfortunately, this belief is often accepted and admired by the employers’ themselves.

The effects of working for long hours

Pushing yourself every day to perform at work isn’t doing you any good. Instead, it’s only putting you at risk. Working for long hours without any break can affect your overall productivity. Even worse, it can also change your work performance as well as your mental well-being, too.

Forbes says that overworked employees often had to deal with chronic stress, which can lead to the feeling of job burnout and health deterioration. That’s why on top of giving them health care administration benefits in states like Utah, employers also encourage their staff to take their timely breaks.

Taking time off from work for a few minutes can help employees de-stress themselves from work. Moreover, it can also help them recharge so that they’ll have the energy to work for the rest of the day. Regular breaks also help boost their job satisfaction.

Based on the survey made by TORK, almost 20% of North American employees worry that their bosses won’t find them hardworking if they take regular breaks. 13% fear that their colleagues will see them differently if they take their breaks regularly. Also,38% of employees don’t feel that their supervisors encourage them to take a lunch break.

The importance of taking breaks

taking a break

American labor law states that all full-time employees should take at least a lunch break throughout their day. But the truth is that only one out of three workers do so whenever they’re in the office. Most employees would rather skip it or eat at their desk while they work. Although this isn’t violating the law, it only puts the employees at risk. If you’re one of those people who’d instead work than to take a break, then it’s time to put your habit to a halt.

Taking little breaks can go a long way. Life Hack says that having microbreaks every 30 seconds to 5 minutes can help improve your mental alertness by 13%. Also, taking a 15-second break every 10 minutes can help reduce your overall fatigue by 50%. You should also try to take a nap for a few minutes to rejuvenate your mind. Taking at least 20 to 40-minute nap can help boost your mental alertness by 34%.

There are other ways to help employees feel less stressed when at work. Employers should encourage employees to take their break every day is an excellent way to boost their wellness. Doing so will improve their work performance, too.

So, don’t try to create an environment where employees need to work for long hours to run a business. Instead, help them feel refreshed and reduce some of their stress by letting them take their breaks.

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