Indications for the Extraction of Milk Teeth

Milk teeth extraction for kids
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There are several treatment alternatives in dental care. One of the often misunderstood ones is the extraction of teeth. Most parents don’t understand why a dentist would recommend the extraction of a child’s primary teeth, yet they will be naturally shed at some point. They are also apprehensive of the perceived discomfort and pain of dental extraction that their child might need to endure.

Thankfully, there are now various sedation options used by a sedation dentist in Vienna, VA, and other locations to alleviate the discomfort of extraction. A pediatric dentist will try everything to preserve milk teeth since they act as space holders for the permanent teeth and guarantee their straight growth. Here are some instances when the dentist might nonetheless recommend the extraction of primary teeth:

Badly Decayed Teeth

Parents assume that the decay of milk teeth is no big deal, and many of them seek treatment for the same. Tooth decay, however, affects the integrity of the gums and surrounding teeth in extreme cases. These are characterized by tooth sensitivity, pain, and visible holes on teeth. While dental cleaning, fluoride treatments, and root canal therapies might treat decayed teeth in their initial stages, extraction is the treatment of choice for severe dental caries. This is essential to save the gums and adjacent teeth from the effects of bacteria and avert the formation of a periapical abscess.

Fractured Teeth

Kids are at high risk of tooth fractures owing to the sports they engage in if they do not have customized mouthguards. The mouthguards sourced over the counter from pharmacies will only contribute to grave dental injuries. In severe dental fractures, the primary tooth will be extracted since it exposes the inner dental layers to various elements. Minor cracks on the teeth can be managed using dental crowns that will cover the breached part.

Overcrowded Teeth

There are times when your child’s milk teeth might grow in crooked configurations owing to an inadequate dental arch. There are some palatal expanders that can be used to increase the jaw space for dentition. The dentist might nevertheless recommend the extraction of some teeth to create space for others. This also guarantees the growth of permanent straight teeth later. The commonly extracted teeth in this instance are the first premolars.

Over-Retained Milk Teeth

The child dropped the first milk tooth

Milk teeth will start falling out when your child turns six and are replaced by permanent dentition within a few months. In case your child turns seven years with no shed milk teeth, a dental assessment is essential. The retention is commonly caused by an absence of underlying teeth to push the milk teeth out. Endocrine disorders, irradiation, and infections will also cause the over-retention of milk teeth.

After the extraction of milk teeth, the dentist will recommend space maintainers to avert the shift of other teeth into the gap that is left. The above issues can be treated early or prevented through routine dental visits. Your child should start seeing a pediatric dentist when he/she turns a year old or at the time of the first milk tooth’s eruption. This will significantly lower and sometimes eliminate the need for orthodontic treatments and tooth extractions.

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