Maintain a Gorgeous Smile by Avoiding These Habits

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A bright, white smile does more than make you look good on camera. It also helps you become more successful. A report published in Patch revealed that whiter teeth could lead to better job opportunities and career paths.

When preserving the whiteness of your teeth, remember that prevention is always better than cure. Although twice-a-day brushing and cosmetic dentistry procedures will help keep your teeth white, their benefits won’t last long if you don’t monitor your food choices and behaviors.

If you want to keep your smile beautiful, avoid the following habits that dull your pearly whites:

Consuming Beverages that Stain the Teeth

Certain beverages, such as water, are perfectly okay for your teeth. Others, however, discolor your pearly whites. A few of these drinks are:

  • Coffee – This beverage gives you the energy you need to start your morning right (and ward off sleepiness in the afternoon). Coffee, unfortunately, also stains the teeth. This drink contains chromogen, a compound or chemical with a dark pigment that stains the enamel and darkens your teeth over time.
  • Tea – If you fancy a cup of tea every day, be prepared for what this drink could do to your teeth. Tea contains tannin, a light-brown or pale-yellow substance that tarnishes your pearly whites.
  • Wine – Red wine contains anthocyanin, a strong pigment found in grapes. It also contains tannin, the same compound present in tea. When you sip this alcoholic drink, you tannin binds the rich pigment to your teeth.

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If you’re looking to minimize the staining effects of these drinks, rinse your mouth immediately after consuming the beverage. Also, add milk to your coffee and tea. Milk is rich in calcium, a nutrient that helps you maintain good oral health.

Using Mouthwash with Chlorhexidine

Some mouthwashes on the market contain chlorhexidine, an antiseptic and disinfectant that eradicates germs inside your mouth for a short period. Although this substance is ideal for treating infection, using it every day is not a good idea. Extended use of mouthwash could leave brown teeth stains.

If you have bad breath, don’t self-medicate with mouthwash. Consult your dentist to figure out the root cause of this problem.


This unhealthy habit is bad for so many reasons. On top of causing oral cancer and gum disease, smoking soils your pearly whites. If you want to maintain a beautiful smile, make the conscious decision to quit smoking.

Holding Food Inside Your Mouth

If you love chewing gum (especially the ones that change the color of your tongue), you might want to kick this habit. Sugary gum stains your teeth and erodes your enamel.

Additionally, don’t let food linger in your mouth. When you eat, chew the food properly before swallowing.

Foregoing Periodic Dental Visits

The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist regularly regardless of your age, the condition of your teeth, and your oral hygiene habits. Periodic check-ups help keep your teeth in excellent shape. On top of that, your dentist can provide advice and recommendations to maintain your pearly whites.

Keep your teeth looking beautiful and white by ditching these habits. With these recommendations, you could preserve the condition of your pearly whites for a long time.

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