Not Just Made for Drinking: Exploring the Other Uses of Champagne

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Who can resist the light, sparkling, refreshing flavors of champagne? It is a popular drink that many enjoy all year round. It is versatile, and it can match any occasion. It also makes a perfect drink for a wide range of food, from cheeses to desserts. However, the versatility of champagne does not end with it being a standalone drink.

It can be so much more! You will just need to be adventurous and creative. It can morph into another form of beverage, and it can be easily incorporated into different dishes. Below are some nice ideas that may even make you have a bottle of champagne delivered to your home.

Create new cocktails and boozy beverages

Your leftover champagne can be reincarnated into new, tasty boozy or fizzy drinks. For one, you can use it for your sangria (instead of the usual red wine). Just a word of caution here: Make sure to taste the mixture first before adding more sugar, as most champagnes are sweet. Elevate your soda experience by adding a part of this sparkling drink. Don’t forget to drop some of your favourite fruits, such as lemons, raspberries, or pomegranate.

Make a dessert

Patisserie chefs sometimes use champagnes for their desserts. For your home baking, add champagne to your cake mix or buttercream frosting. Glaze your cookies and pound cake with champagne, too. If you are into cold desserts, you can come up with champagne jello shots. Popsicles, ice creams, sherbets, and sorbets, may also become much tastier with this sparkling drinks.

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Make dishes classy

If you are experimenting to make your everyday dishes much classier, consider using champagne. For example, you can use champagne to add more flavor to your risotto. Make your roast turkeys and chickens juicy and succulent by using champagne as a basting ingredient. For simpler fares, a hint of champagne may make your French toast truly marvelous. Try poaching your clams and oysters in flat champagne.

Turn it into sauces and soups

Champagnes may also make great dips and sauces. In some five-star hotels, gravies are usually mixed with this drink. If you want to make a garlic vinaigrette, make it much sweeter with some champagne. This drink can also act as the acidic component for some of your soups, such as French onion soup.

Turn it into vinegar

Champagne can be even turned into vinegar, which you can then mix with other foods, such as salads and sauces. It’s also easy to make. Just pour the champagne into a glass jar. Then, cover it with two layers of cheesecloth. Let the champagne sit for at least four weeks, and its taste will turn acidic.

A glass (or a bottle) of champagne can make a day much better. It can make heavy moods light, and it can turn every dinner party much more exciting. But it would be also nice to appreciate that champagne can be more than just a standalone drink. It is a versatile spirit that can be mixed with other refreshing cocktails, mocktails, and even food. Just open your eyes and mind to the possibilities.

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